Oct 1: come join the moon worship ! each phase comes with a different offering. https://t.co/PyjGmfqRDa https://t.co/XXiUrQHsm1
Oct 1: happy harvest moon ! here is my monthly moon mix to celebrate... https://t.co/r1xxCnIaOB https://t.co/L5oq6p6SUZ
Sep 30: @sotajazz it feels almost bottomless
Sep 30: i wish i was the fourth one
Sep 30: the darkest bop https://t.co/P7nJYx3xAQ
Sep 30: desperately needed this convo today https://t.co/Kb228yM3CV
Sep 30: in the second part of this dream, one of the computers started screaming. when i approached it, it desperately want… https://t.co/oDKe5yaeO2
Sep 30: @BodyofLightt i love this
Sep 30: RT @Logo_Daedalus: So when we say “I don’t believe in Democracy” today— we mean we do not believe in the Oligarchical Propaganda of “Democr…
Sep 30: @IHateVerwey the inside of his body is riddled with psychic sores. even if he looks fine from the outside he will d… https://t.co/dtUaDsoVR2
Sep 30: RT @_LOTIC: imagine if black people said stand back and stand by lmaoooo
Sep 30: i once had a very vivid dream of being in a large warehouse, with half of the space taken up by computers, and the… https://t.co/1bfWPYQOMB
Sep 30: is it too late to bring back bernie
Sep 29: i dreamt i was on the moon and it was very lonely.
Sep 29: RT @earlxsweat: ancient as the world older than the blood
Sep 29: RT @haymarketbooks: “We live in capitalism, its power seems inescapable – but then, so did the divine right of kings. Any human power can b…
Sep 29: another problem with online communities is this very atomization... it's not about working together in commune for… https://t.co/y1pIit6dsJ
Sep 29: i'm all for people having a cause, but if the cause is built on a pillar of self-hatred and misanthropy (or misogyn… https://t.co/qOtjmfpMsy
Sep 29: the most hateful messages or comments i get from people tend to be from accounts that display themselves not for wh… https://t.co/JjxHUeuOIr
Sep 29: as these ideologies create a sense of identity and community, and most of all, the power of authority over those wh… https://t.co/UeyCKPGyu0