Aug 23: RT @RealSnarkyPuppy: .@Yayennings - “Even Us” was challenging for me because of its simple harmonic structure. That might sound confusing b…
Aug 16: Honored to have our new album “Wonderment” get the nod. Thanks @Bandcamp for doing what you do. 🙌🏻 https://t.co/jWM0C96Hul
Aug 16: RT @BirdIsTheWorm: Now up: My latest Best #Jazz on @Bandcamp recs Featuring: @LauraJurd @EditionRecords @rebeccanashkeys @WhirlwindRecord
Aug 16: Tomorrow night at #thefoxandfalcon !!! https://t.co/aSWSTvqgw4
Aug 14: RT @RealSnarkyPuppy: 4 months down, 3 to go. #immigrancetour Tickets available at https://t.co/idei4JdDNH https://t.co/IQyLeczAhB
Aug 14: Holy %$#! I’m about to go on a #jimmyforest kick big time. #jazzviolinholyshit
Aug 13: @yermahm Yay!!!
Aug 12: See you soon T-Dot! #jazzviolinholyshat https://t.co/53bFXoacsn
Aug 10: If you have to read off of a laptop, iPad, “smart” phone, or sheet music in order to post a selfie video, do us all… https://t.co/phEeKv8dzH
Aug 10: All you need is Bach (or Trane), duh duh na-na nah.
Aug 8: I’m all for new music in most circumstances, but I have to say that the new theme music for @MorningEdition @NPR is… https://t.co/TDTOgAeaeg
Aug 6: Just fixed the busted couch in my studio. Body coursing w/ adrenaline. Is this what’s known as “extreme’… https://t.co/Ulc8W5oHVH
Aug 6: Nothing “normal” about any of it.
Aug 5: RT @FunkCityATL: ATL get out to see @Jamison_Ross at City Winery tonight. He's a terrific all around performer, drummer, singer, songwrite…
Aug 4: Hey #nyc friends, I’m playing w/ Steven Bernstein's Millennial Territory Orchestra at #lethelounge tonight at 7:30… https://t.co/wcLbo9zgGE
Aug 4: RT @CharlesMBlow: To all you “thought and prayers” folks: Stop praying with your months and pray with your legs. Protest. Go to the ballot…
Aug 4: RT @AntonioDrumsX: @senatemajldr Pass the legislation #MoscowMitch
Aug 4: I now just assume that any social media contact from someone that I don’t know is a Russian operative.
Aug 4: RT @AOC: White supremacy has quickly turned into a domestic terror crisis in the US. They rely on you thinking “it’s not a big deal.” It i…
Aug 3: I would gladly submit to such a process.