Sep 21: We had to send our wonderful TM utumnleaves home early 😩 We miss you already! 🙏🏼 for brightening our spirits every… https://t.co/uPqp6Tixv8
Sep 21: #ATLANTA! finally playing the new @masquerade_atl in #purgatory tonight. It’s gonna be soooooo fuuuuuuun https://t.co/7r0b0HpOFw
Sep 21: @trevorcurtis23 @Hirs666 😂
Sep 21: 💯 https://t.co/e3U1Zy7w1j
Sep 21: RT @AutumnLavis: Hi what’s up I got to manage a tour full of my favorite punks. Thank you Subhumans, @WarOnWomxn & @Hirs666. https://t.co/H
Sep 21: RT @dethsgreenhorse: ♫ SAY IT! SAY IT! I WAS RAPED! ♫ say it by @waronwomxn \,,/ ‘-..-‘ \,,/ https://t.co/z1O6f8g7iX
Sep 21: Put on your Friday best! 💃🏻 We’ll be at masquerade_atl with @hirs666 TONIGHT! 💎 Only a few shows left 🤘🏽. 9/21 Atla… https://t.co/Wlmlm5wLLH
Sep 20: @emilylhauser You rule, thank you 🙏🏼🤘🏽
Sep 20: RT @emilylhauser: Our existence Is our resistance And your fear of us Is our ammunition @WarOnWomxn https://t.co/6Ly8eL4vxu
Sep 20: @emilylhauser Any of our songs?
Sep 20: Oof https://t.co/IFihVik4B7
Sep 20: @DavidSWallens @Hirs666 Excited!!
Sep 20: RT @masquerade_atl: Are you all ready for Georgia Day 1 in ATHENS @WarOnWomxn?!?! Tix available below https://t.co/m30NmWFG8u
Sep 20: 4 more shows to play air guitar with us & @hirs666! ⏰ TONIGHT: 9/20 Athens, GA @ Caledonia Lounge 9/21 Atlanta, GA… https://t.co/lym8rzdoXz
Sep 19: 5 more shows to sing song with us & @hirs666! 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽TONIGHT: 9/19 Charleston, SC @ Tin Roof 9/20 Athens,… https://t.co/IIPpyi3bb4
Sep 19: Somehow acquired 20 mosquitos in the van at a gas station stop. This resulted in Shawna slapping Sue’s leg to kill… https://t.co/ESCFUaqWNT
Sep 19: RT @wreckingballatl: @WarOnWomxn will be at @caledonialounge TOMORROW night, September 20th, in Athens! Doors will be at 8 pm! 🎤 Can't ma…
Sep 19: @MILESTONECLUB @AlohaBroha42 Seriously- thanks for having us last minute! Our thoughts are with Wilmington &… https://t.co/QBo9xDTFQB
Sep 19: RT @TinRoofWAshley: Tonight is the night! Don’t miss this rad punk rock show with @WarOnWomxn / @hirs666 / Never Honna Happen at 9! @TheWra
Sep 18: RT @dethsgreenhorse: next years download fest looks freaking berserk @thebandGHOST @Slayer @WarOnWomxn @OzzyOsbourne @Anthrax @judaspriest