Dec 14: RT @Theslackersband: December 22 @Theslackersband annual holiday show in NEW YORK CITY! @IrvingPlaza with @WarOnWomxn @ThePandemics @gra
Dec 14: RT @Theslackersband: 12/21 Boston @ The Sinclair!! with @WarOnWomxn https://t.co/iqW6GYDel7 https://t.co/3p1x1o1mEq
Dec 14: RT @Theslackersband: December 23. Last show of the year for @Theslackersband in Washington DC @uhalldc! Plus @WarOnWomxn @steadyrockinSB
Dec 14: RT @macrockva: APPLY TO MACROCK! You’ll get a chance to play with: @WarOnWomxn @guerillatoss @heyhommeboy @EmpathBand @Lovelornphilly
Dec 14: RT @otter272: Here are some bands you should check out. @RagingNathansOH @munciegirls @timesharesmusic @illuminatihotts @laurenstrange @Le
Dec 14: RT @blainecapatch: CHILD DIES IN TRUMP CONCENTRATION CAMP https://t.co/H7wUXEiuKk
Dec 14: RT @Theslackersband: December 22 @Theslackersband annual holiday show in NEW YORK CITY! @IrvingPlaza with @WarOnWomxn @ThePandemics @graceo
Dec 13: Last shows of 2018! See us with @Theslackersband 21 Boston @ The Sinclair 22 NY, NY @ Irving Plaza 23 Washington,… https://t.co/grDiOBmt6n
Dec 13: 👊🏼 https://t.co/LgSZKRplbp
Dec 13: Like...NOW! 👂🏽 https://t.co/gfnCQ6Yqks
Dec 13: RT @gogreen18: FYI: there's a recall for "U by Kotex" sleek/regular absorbency tampons sold the past 2 YEARS (oct 2016-18)!! they're unrave…
Dec 12: 🙏🏼🥺 https://t.co/PFoydbKgMj
Dec 12: RT @samkmack: non-ableist alternatives for the word "crazy": unexpected unusual startling strange impractical infatuated preoccupied extre…
Dec 11: RT @LvlToTheRoom: We are so happy to be releasing part of @WarOnWomxn's set at #SofarSoundsGainesville. You can now stream their cover of @…
Dec 10: @armadahardcore Yikes! Play #neverhaveIever?
Dec 10: This was so fun! Can we just do an entire tour playing acoustic in independent record stores? https://t.co/PHN0DV70Ms
Dec 10: @GeoCrab3 @ShawnaPotterWOW Thank you for coming! We were happy to be part of this awesome grand reopening
Dec 10: @AmericanaHart @ShawnaPotterWOW Thank you! It was fun!
Dec 9: Who do we know in #westvirginia?! Brooks & @ShawnaPotterWOW are playing acoustic at a #Shepardstown record store to… https://t.co/IKytsNfQ1o
Dec 8: Thank YOU! Happy to share time together 😘 https://t.co/Q8Pl5sfrax