Aug 23: Petition: Demand the EU & UN sanction Brazil to halt increased deforestation of the Amazon https://t.co/vGGoll7Dbc
Aug 23: RT @vivajosiah: Feels like a throwback night, with @UB40OFFICIAL, @UB40 in the building. #UB40 https://t.co/FpMMc5wlIq
Aug 23: RT @SmithsTix: #LowTicketAlert #FridayNight The @UB40OFFICIAL concert Friday, August 23rd at @DeJoriaCenter is almost sold out...just a fe…
Aug 22: @Do617 @UB40 @BoldPointPark This isn’t a UB40 show. This is our ex-singer with his backing band.
Aug 22: We've just signed a petition calling on @amazon to change their packaging to plastic-free options that can be recyc… https://t.co/ghi9mY7SV4
Aug 22: Tonight's show is at the @lavacantinatc Post your pics of tonight's gig, on our Twitter & Instagram account… https://t.co/syjYp08KEX
Aug 21: Los Angeles! We’re coming to The Novo @thenovodtla in downtown on Sept 1st with Musical Youth. Grab your tickets no… https://t.co/aAVCyguQZ9
Aug 21: @TheGreen808 @DiRealShaggy @NewKingstonLive You aren’t playing with UB40, you’re playing with our ex-singer and his backing band 🙄
Aug 21: We’ve just arrived in Dallas and earlfalconer has caught himself a martin.meredith 🤠 😂🇺🇸 #ub40 #forthemany #usa… https://t.co/29Fh2zYkmA
Aug 21: RT @29casino: @UB40OFFICIAL is here on August 31 performing all of their greatest hits for their 40th Anniversary Tour. A few tickets are…
Aug 21: RT @CristinSprenger: @UB40OFFICIAL Awesome show!! https://t.co/SzoQRoe1z4
Aug 21: Tonight's show is at the @HOBNOLA Post your pics of tonight's gig, on our Twitter & Instagram account… https://t.co/uGUyCoIOkC
Aug 21: RT @ReggaeNation: Los Angeles - UB40 @UB40OFFICIAL @TheNovoDTLA on Sun, Sept 1st! #AllAges Tickets: https://t.co/U7NqzJJYWx @goldenvoice #R…
Aug 20: @MrGSimpson @TheBHF @UB40 No worries Gavin. Have a listen to the new stuff and let us know what you think. 👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾
Aug 20: @MrGSimpson @TheBHF @UB40 Lol when we were writing our own tunes?! We never stopped writing our own material or bei… https://t.co/0coV7nWY8j
Aug 20: @ccosmee @BoldPointPark We are only playing in California, the other date you are on about is our ex-singer with hi… https://t.co/D01ttFaYpO
Aug 20: RT @Jlm_86: @UB40OFFICIAL =) https://t.co/m4jKcp7a9E
Aug 20: We've just signed a petition calling on Prime Minister @BorisJohnson and Pensions Minister @AmberRuddHR to rule out… https://t.co/Q9f58q8AoO
Aug 20: Come and catch our show tonight at the House of Blues New Orleans @HOBNOLA Doors 7.00pm DJ Gold Dubs 8.30pm UB40… https://t.co/Z6SylczdmC
Aug 19: Check out the video to the first single from our new album ‘For The Many’ Moonlight Lover (Official Video) ft. Gill… https://t.co/qIeEry8tpn