Jan 17: **insert quote here** #TF20 #throwbackthursday https://t.co/Ewgw07uHNw
Jan 14: On February 4 we’ll start celebrating our 20th anniversary with an exclusive “Radio 1 Session” at @HetDepot in Leuv… https://t.co/VnrgqWkO3j
Jan 10: Paul and his Ushanka in Moscow, Russia 2015. 📷 Kristina Kazarina #TF20 #throwbackthursday https://t.co/9vDyYrPRtl
Jan 2: Excited to be playing at @gladiolen on Friday, June 7th. Tickets & Info: https://t.co/4MYgi90Zj6 https://t.co/m9y3lzETL8
Dec 21: Pleased to announce we'll play @LesParadis on March 29th @zenithdelille, France. Ticket sale starts at 12:00 PM. T… https://t.co/YcfhA7WvQ0
Dec 18: Hello, Hello, Helloooooo It’s almost the end of 2018 and I just wanted to release one more playlist for this year.… https://t.co/YZ089zYSVr
Dec 17: First festival announcement for 2019! Pleased to announce that we’ll be performing at AWAKE in Târgu Mureș, Romania… https://t.co/Y7H3jmCQK1
Dec 10: Our 20th anniversary box will be out on February 1. Pre-order yours now on https://t.co/j5d62dG4H6! Use the "TF20"… https://t.co/5x5yFl70RT
Nov 28: Tour life can be quite demanding. After two intense weeks on the road, the doctor's advice says Mr. Paul needs a re… https://t.co/beLy2BX8fD
Nov 21: Here’s a playlist of songs we’ve been playing before the gigs on our French tour. With French songs off course. Enj… https://t.co/F312kfV46U
Nov 20: Luxembourg, we’re playing at den Atelier on May 10th. It’s gonna a be a special one. #TF20 On sale: Friday, 23rd N… https://t.co/6275133VYr
Nov 14: Happy to announce we’ll be playing a couple of warm up shows before our 20th Anniversary Shows at De Roma, Antwerp.… https://t.co/makJxoDZtT
Nov 8: Here we are, on the verge of our 20th anniversary. You may have noticed we’ve been up to something, and indeed, we’… https://t.co/uVi5C9Syqx
Nov 7: Packed and ready to roll... 🇫🇷 Tour starts tomorrow in Saint-Avé, France at L'Echonova. All dates 👉… https://t.co/9LhLcw4Xjy
Oct 30: Found these gems in the archives today. These pictures must have been taken in Café Elvis, Izegem. Somewhere back i… https://t.co/Hfk0PSxFRA
Oct 24: Super excited to get back on the road again. Tour starts this Friday in Lille, France! Check out the whole tour:… https://t.co/xH8RI6tRXe
Oct 19: Our show at @DeRomaVzw on February 16th is already completely sold out! We've decided to add an extra show on Febru… https://t.co/j1N8UxPN2b
Oct 19: The ticket sale for our anniversary show on February 16th at @DeRomaVzw in Antwerp is open. Grab yours now! Ticket… https://t.co/7Ie0KWDpRp
Oct 15: Ruben's episode is online now. It starts with a bang! 👉 https://t.co/RYMfHaYaxV https://t.co/xD7X166iGM
Oct 14: A while ago Ruben paid a little visit to @AgnewAlex for his "Welcome To The AA". A podcast about people and subject… https://t.co/MJGetWqTKm