Oct 15: Ruben's episode is online now. It starts with a bang! 👉 https://t.co/RYMfHaYaxV https://t.co/xD7X166iGM
Oct 14: A while ago Ruben paid a little visit to @AgnewAlex for his "Welcome To The AA". A podcast about people and subject… https://t.co/MJGetWqTKm
Sep 30: Hellohaaaaa! Here’s my new Spotify list! I updated the whole list. 50 tracks I like and listened to the last few we… https://t.co/DgNASikVYa
Aug 8: Thank you for staying with us for as longs as you could, Lokeren. We had to call it a day, because some of our gear… https://t.co/fvQGcYvK93
Aug 6: View from the office @ronquieres yesterday. Tomorrow we play @lokersefeesten, we're on at 11:30 pm. https://t.co/AVhyf8SiNv
Aug 2: Next up: 02/08 - Dicky Woodstock Popfestival - NL 04/08 - Lott-Festival - DE 05/08 - Ronquières Festival - BE 07/… https://t.co/fmtdZYD4Dp
Jul 31: There’s an updated version of my Spotify list. I've added songs from David Poltrock alias @poltrockmusic and Geoffr… https://t.co/E2iEmdpEKz
Jul 24: Some impressions of our show at Művészetek Völgye in Hungary last weekend. 🎪 Thank you for making us feel like hom… https://t.co/3zGrVTSprh
Jul 16: What a weekend! ⚡⚡⚡ Thank you @zwartecross & @cactusmusic Magnificent crowd! Colossus Tour continues... Next up:… https://t.co/rmnCjndTKS
Jul 12: Next up: @cactusmusic tomorrow! Ruben was a roadie at the festival many many years ago. 📸 Fabrice Debatty https://t.co/SNi2yVC337
Jul 6: Post Rock Werchter Vibes. :: De Morgen :: ★★★★☆ "2004, maar dan 14 jaar beter" https://t.co/lWqRjDK02g :: De Sta… https://t.co/GkBk3dhsZR
Jul 5: Beyond words. Thanks a million @RockWerchter! 🙌 https://t.co/GG8EZYkQwQ
Jul 5: Promo sessions are done and Mirko has arrived. Let the waiting game begin! 📸 @PixbyKryZ 📸 #triggerfinger… https://t.co/NZ6y1C9kWR
Jul 5: New merchandise available today @RockWerchter ⚡⚡⚡ #newmerch #rockwerchter #rw18 https://t.co/mblXZcrvYa
Jul 2: This is going to be one hell of a drum solo! 🥁 👉 https://t.co/FJHUfvGObC https://t.co/2BljI4e1yM
Jun 30: We'll be bringing this little fella with us next Thursday at @RockWerchter! https://t.co/Ey59bJOly7
Jun 19: We made a photo documentary of our day at @pinkpopfest for @Humo . 📸 Watch it right here: https://t.co/LuYK3N02ie https://t.co/9i6Z1tTLli
Jun 15: This one is happening tomorrow! Bring on the Union Jack costume. 🇬🇧 @StoneFreeFest https://t.co/BzcEPFVzEf
May 31: Excited to announce this one! We are playing at @lokersefeesten on August 7th. https://t.co/pZfzAzYsMl
May 27: New single. That’ll Be The Day. Music video coming soon. https://t.co/5W4yn3D2JR