Oct 30: RT @TheScenestar: together PANGEA have a date in December at the Glass House! Beach Goons and Healing Gems open the show. Tickets are on s…
Oct 30: RT @vivamusicfest: Don't miss this instant classic of a show with @TogetherPangea @beach_goons & Healing Gems @theglasshouse https://t.co/d
Oct 29: RT @premierguitar: Garage-rockers @TogetherPangea just unveiled a surprise EP, 'Non Stop Paranoia,' which sees their cool style evolving a…
Oct 29: GLASSHOUSE 12.29 with Beach Goons and Healing Gems tickets >>>>> https://t.co/lYaA7ZQPo9 https://t.co/AaNKEIThXb
Oct 29: RT @theglasshouse: Tix for @togetherPANGEA on 12/29 are on sale now. Get them while they're hot. https://t.co/ISENUIuKjt
Oct 27: RT @caliwavves: new @TogetherPangea FUCK YES
Oct 27: RT @dunyahalla: Thank you @TogetherPangea for the surprise EP it sounds SO GOOD
Oct 26: RT @gertaRRRaus: My day off and a new music comes out :) thanks @robynkonichiwa for refilling my pop side and @TogetherPangea for making m…
Oct 26: RT @mad_salz: damn this new @TogetherPangea EP was exactly what I needed after this hell of a week
Oct 26: RT @DanielonMeds: Y'all real for writing a song based on anxiety 🤘 @TogetherPangea
Oct 26: RT @JordanMurcott9: Those @TogetherPangea lads are talented af, their new EP is some of the best music I've heard all year 🔥🔥
Oct 26: RT @getting_stoked: @TogetherPangea that new @DEVO cover is SO FUCKING SICK
Oct 26: RT @_sampickf0rd: @TogetherPangea drops a new EP, could my Friday get any better? Nope.
Oct 26: RT @themanzom: Yo, this new @TogetherPangea EP is so good, they’re fucking killing it in 2018.
Oct 26: We have a new EP out today GO LISTEN https://t.co/0QL6i1Wfsf
Oct 25: Check out our new song it’s called non stop paranoia it’s loud but only if u play it loud you can play it quiet too… https://t.co/1aevTuXHPm
Oct 25: RT @ClashMagazine: LA punx @TogetherPangea share 'Non Stop Paranoia' - potent garage punk thrills, it's got a dark edge for the witching ho…
Oct 21: RT @DoTheBay: Last night was wild. 🎃🍺 Thanks @TogetherPangea + @ElysianBrewing for bringing one of the best parties of the year. https://t.…
Oct 20: RT @quonky: Fuck yeah @TogetherPangea https://t.co/Zuj2yHsZKE