Jun 18: RT @rileybreck: Amsterdam, that was nuts. Playing Melkweg is always a highlight of every EUR tour we do, but tonight might have been the be…
Jun 17: “The Grey” is featured in @Spotify’s Rock Hard playlist. Give it a listen: https://t.co/QqQMjf1Yu3
Jun 17: RT @OutOfOrderShow: LA & OC -- check out today's #Stryker420 "The Grey" from @Thrice #OutOfOrderShow w/ @TedStryker @KROQ https://t.co…
Jun 16: Be sure to tune in to @TedStryker's @OutOfOrderShow tomorrow morning to hear "The Grey" played on the radio! #Stryker420
Jun 16: If you’re at @DownloadFestFR today, we go on at 5:50pm on the Warbird Stage! See you there. https://t.co/7AJOMnUcRF
Jun 15: Tickets are on sale NOW for our Denver show, second San Diego show, and all other dates on our fall tour with… https://t.co/m9Z6XSkbfT
Jun 14: If you're at @NovaRock_at, come see us at 9:15pm on the Red Bull Music stage!
Jun 14: We’re on the cover of @Spotify’s All Things Post playlist. Check it out here: https://t.co/vMaNAN4QSt
Jun 13: Listen to “The Grey” now on @AppleMusic's Breaking Hard Rock playlist https://t.co/yDhMuFi5Dy
Jun 13: “The Grey” was added to @Spotify’s New Punk Tracks playlist! LIsten here: https://t.co/nKwIrtHVJr
Jun 12: Listen to “The Grey” now on @Spotify’s All New Rock playlist: https://t.co/g89DihCGdj
Jun 12: In case you missed it, pre-sale tickets for our show in Denver at Summit Music Hall are on sale NOW at… https://t.co/lepkRZ94yS
Jun 12: @TeenageWrist Likewise! Can wait to meet you guys and hang!
Jun 11: Thank you @AppleMusic for adding “The Grey” to the A List: Hard Rock playlist! https://t.co/s5pdXPH4ym
Jun 11: We just added our Denver show at Summit Music Hall on November 7th AND a second San Diego show on September 20th! P… https://t.co/vkfPsH1yLE
Jun 10: RT @justinwithafro: A young kid came up to me and said, "Nice Harry Potter shirt!" And I just said "thank you" #harrypotterandthealchemyind…
Jun 9: RT @CoreyDLight: Baby ken wanted to wear her @Thrice shirt today because the new song is “beautiful” 😎 @dustinkensrue @rileybreck @thewoode
Jun 9: Sorry. Had bad info. Brutus is on tonight at 6:50! https://t.co/0mSAnB9TPv
Jun 9: We are two weeks away from @DownloadFestFR! https://t.co/6pNewnMD4H
Jun 9: Hey London! There’s a few tickets left for the show tonight @EBallroomCamden We play at 8, but come early to see… https://t.co/D5IhsrKqID