Jul 11: Yes!! New song Hard Liquor added to one of my favorite playlists, Soul'n'the City! Big thanks❤️🔥 https://t.co/4x2fSiuYfA
Jun 26: Official Video for Hard Liquor!🔥♥︎ Out Now. https://t.co/D7xd2eMsWS
Jun 18: New song "Hard Liquor" out tomorrow!! 💃🏼Valentina Reyes 🎥 Johannes W. Berg https://t.co/VNfUGsl5J2
Jun 12: First track from Cabin Fever out next week! CAN NOT WAIT to see what you think of it, think it turned out amazing (… https://t.co/RzbjnRMidQ
May 28: Excited to announce Cabin FEVER, a string of new songs to be released very soon!! I regard them as an extension of… https://t.co/zSgl8Yl885
May 1: OUT TODAY!! Just in time for the weekend is this amazing remix of Call Me By Your Name by Calibro 35👌 Have a good o… https://t.co/yZDDpZt88D
Apr 6: This Friday at 21:00 PM! Solo live stream of debut album ...that great October sound at Tou Sessions! Can't wait❤️❤️ https://t.co/SKnbxLGMpE
Apr 4: Kun en liten håndfull vinyl av FEVER igjen og det hadde vært ekstra stas hvis de fikk et hjem i nærheten. GRATIS hj… https://t.co/4SRyGMl0rF
Apr 1: IT'S ON!! You voted on FB and Insta for the next live stream to be whole first album and if we do it we have to do… https://t.co/HpRFeI6SyJ
Mar 25: REMIX KITS for "45" and "Call Me By Your Name"! If you're cooped up inside like so many of us or just feel like it… https://t.co/NVmxTZHtH9
Mar 25: RT @CommunionMusic: ICYMI: Norweigen singer, writer and multi-instrumentalist @thomasdybdahl released his incredible new album 'Fever' last…
Mar 25: RT @aslaugok: Litt normalitet på en mandag. Nytt @Musikkmagasinet - og jeg har altså skrevet om @thomasdybdahl - "Fever", som er sedvandlig…
Mar 25: Hey all, in case you missed it, this is my little contribution to spread some joy and something else to think about… https://t.co/B62pe691VV
Jan 15: Had a lot of fun over the past few months, recording my new album 'Fever' in this studio. Can't wait for you to hea… https://t.co/RPE3JVycjB
Jan 14: Listening to the final master of my new single 'Call Me By Your Name'. Yep, that's right. A new single is coming yo… https://t.co/lafYp91bQg
Nov 21: Really excited to announce my new album 'FEVER', which will be out on March 13th 2020. 'FEVER' was produced, record… https://t.co/DbIaxhpXkc
Oct 7: Starting the recording of the last song for the new album this week. https://t.co/c97Ttjwtzw
Sep 20: Excited and super proud of the new single "45" which is out today!! Produced with my good friend and studio partner… https://t.co/lnwglsHMqu
Sep 17: Dear friends, I’m very happy to tell you I’ve been working on a lot of new music lately and I'm close to finishing… https://t.co/oW5wQfrvfK
Jan 24: First time ever playing The Troubadour in LA this Friday w/Lera Lynn! Come check us out please!! #thetroubadour