Dec 10: TONIGHT | The Basement | Canberra, AU @GoodThingsFest Sideshow Performance https://t.co/RhqQerE9Lh https://t.co/dQXeLzHRtj
Dec 10: The 'In Love and Death' Christmas Sweater is now completely sold out. https://t.co/AhfgESCLkZ
Dec 8: TODAY | @GoodThingsFest | Brisbane, AU | STAGE 2 | 4pm #GoodThingsFest https://t.co/OxaYssPT6b https://t.co/z9XUc3ykPX
Dec 8: Thank you, @GoodThingsFest Melbourne. #GoodThingsFest https://t.co/b2sAtJZPly
Dec 8: TODAY | @GoodThingsFest | Sydney, AU | 4pm #GoodThingsFest https://t.co/OxaYssPT6b https://t.co/ajmlF2ZfhG
Dec 6: Melbourne, join us today at 4pm on STAGE 2 at @GoodThingsFest. https://t.co/yl2AF96tfL #GoodThingsFest https://t.co/SHoZGZxp0k
Dec 6: For the Holidays, we're releasing a limited run of this 'In Love and Death' Christmas Sweater. Limited to 300 only.… https://t.co/IwstgcCIUe
Dec 5: Australia, we can't wait to see you at @GoodThingsFest this week. Fri Dec 7 | @MelbShowgrounds | Melbourne, AU Sat… https://t.co/InpYgXIMHL
Dec 5: DJ set tonight at Stay Gold Melbourne for @GoodThingsFest Official PRE-party. https://t.co/GhvW7I9t04
Nov 23: The 'In Love and Death' tie-dye t-shirt is now completely sold out. https://t.co/lP4SB8F4Yw
Nov 21: For Black Friday, we're releasing a limited run of the 'In Love and Death' tie-dye t-shirt that was previously only… https://t.co/dW5XyQh58p
Nov 16: Atlantic City, we'll see you at @ACBeerFest on Friday, March 29th. https://t.co/w7LSHZy33C #ACBeerFest https://t.co/hTHaUdl5jL
Oct 17: Canberra, we've just added a show at Molo Live @ ANU on Tue Dec 11 as part of @GoodThingsFest Sideshow. On sale Fri… https://t.co/i09raJ93DS
Oct 16: Merch from our 2018 European Tour is now available online at https://t.co/sUxED8YCfl. https://t.co/mHoVzdU5XP
Oct 7: Tonight | @forcefestival | 9:30pm https://t.co/hwOM4upI5j
Sep 28: RT @AltPress: Can you believe it's been 14 years already since @WeAreTheUsed released "In Love and Death" - such a damn good album! ❤ Tell…
Sep 28: 'In Love and Death' was released on this day 14 years ago. https://t.co/2DRjf5sfo7 https://t.co/2UhxPxOzqW
Sep 14: .@getvnyl // https://t.co/9714tSrQhO #Vulnerable https://t.co/FpUssol9bq
Sep 8: Listen to our Maida Vale live session on @BBCR1 this Sunday, September 9 at 9pm BST. https://t.co/2dSEIFcuoj https://t.co/jsLo4NDpqM
Sep 7: Thank you @robymancio & @Vivo_Azzurro for including "Over and Over Again" in your training playlist!… https://t.co/JFGPrHfxlQ