Jan 15: @rickyaross @GaryClarkMusic is the Pope a Catholic?
Jan 15: @finfjord You know me so well!
Jan 15: @mudonthedoor Chimey
Jan 15: @jezwils Mebbes aye mebbes naw ❤️
Jan 15: Simple but true https://t.co/pnfcTSYIlY
Jan 15: True https://t.co/oa7FwBz4ji
Jan 11: RT @GlasMusicTour: Read all about new organisation Everything Flows on our blog https://t.co/YNzP7gNFha & their shows for @ccfest celebrat…
Jan 11: @Annie__McGuire @mludlow @andy_murray beautiful story Annie. he's a giant.
Jan 11: @emmaspollock @andy_murray he's a TRUE great Emma. class act in every way.
Jan 8: @SuzanneMcLellan And you always do x
Jan 7: @PMJawn Say hello for me!
Jan 3: RT @colinmccredie: Walked to local @GreggsOfficial to try feted Quorn Sausage Roll. “You’ll no get them here, you’ll need to go to Byres Rd…
Dec 30: @jamthrawn charmingly put
Dec 30: @RPMComo @Detroit67Book @PaulMcCartney @billysloanshow So true - ‘I was just with George’ - gorgeous moment
Dec 30: @doublegonedod @PaulMcCartney @billysloanshow @Detroit67Book I’m always glad to see Billy there in the photos- he d… https://t.co/pL4uvTyfGs
Dec 30: Great @PaulMcCartney special here from @billysloanshow Really good Macca interview and some unexpected highlights -… https://t.co/PNxugX6fqz
Dec 30: RT @emmaspollock: We do need HMV actually, Penny. @ChemUnderground and countless other labels need it to sell their catalogue. The distribu…
Dec 23: RT @euanmccolm: my contempt for labour supporters defending the leader’s line is surpassed only by my contempt for those suddenly waking up…
Dec 22: @__joesavage the magnificent @gorbalssound for various things, The Fruitmobile (home) for others and UWS Ayr for others :)
Dec 22: We'll have a new Pearlfishers album early-ish in 2019. For now here's a Christmas hug https://t.co/nWfImkLM8h