Oct 18: indeed. https://t.co/Mi8tlXklTY
Oct 18: RT @BBCRadioScot: Solid Air by @JohnMartynCom is an undisputed Classic Scottish Album. Join Davie Scott of @thepearlfishers to hear about t…
Oct 16: @takeitawaypod I played Magneto & Titanium Man at a pal’s wedding. It’s quite a moment playing something so ‘slight… https://t.co/kHbhu7NUez
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Oct 14: @takeitawaypod not much!
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Oct 13: @grahamjeffery @UKLabour @jeremycorbyn @Keir_Starmer a pity that Corbyn is such a committed Brexiteer. sad days.
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Oct 6: @Five_seven_64 Must have been your patter Neil. #silvertongueddevil
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Oct 4: @mstewart_23 Get well soon Mark xxx
Oct 2: RT @IAMKP: Musician/artist/teacher pals - Check out "Learning from the fourth International Teaching Artist Conference" recommended by @fin
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Oct 2: An important story from Helena Gallagher @ProductionsHG , @Annie__McGuire and Mairi Rodgers. 9pm 9th October. https://t.co/yWtz1HSB6E