Aug 19: RT @doctor_oxford: On @lbc this morning (10-12pm), Mr Farage will no doubt attack again the promoters of "Project Fear." Big talk, brave…
Aug 19: @Stuart_Hepburn @BBC6Music Nancy & Lee. Oh my lord!
Aug 18: @lokiscottishrap Its not mixed messages Darren - Corbyn is a brexiteer pure and simple. His performance during refe… https://t.co/EXX6o1RjUP
Aug 16: @rickyaross @ScottishJAKay correct - devil's droppings!
Aug 15: this will def be worth a listen. https://t.co/3e6cIFqhVD
Aug 11: @SydneyWooderson @danlevene not right now but it SHOULD
Aug 11: @danlevene that's beautiful to hear and I bet @lizzyclarkradio and @Figmediafi will agree along with the other amaz… https://t.co/Wuc7CwREr7
Aug 11: @lizzyclarkradio @spiderandih you're the GUY Lizzy. #legaleagle #bangtorights But sorry Andrew!
Aug 10: Shout! https://t.co/zAgRdFMVAM
Aug 10: @spiderandih i thought they were in certain regions. I bet @lizzyclarkradio could give you the inside...
Aug 10: RT @lizzyclarkradio: We’re getting funky on the podcast this week pod pickers 🎧 #awb #funk #perth https://t.co/4iFYPLhgrv
Aug 9: Our Classic Scottish Albums podcast on the great Average White Band is up now https://t.co/G8VBK7vPrQ
Aug 9: RT @BBCRadioScot: Producer Arif Mardin recalls a boozy party in his New York Apartment with the @averagewhitebnd and @arethafranklin. Great…
Aug 8: @chrisdeerin I couldn't possibly comment!
Aug 7: @takeitawaypod @ClareSherman @johnharris1969 https://t.co/SaV7YXCoWN
Aug 6: RT @tom_watson: It sometimes feels like people have been calling for me to stand down from day one but I never, ever thought I’d be facing…
Aug 6: RT @margarethodge: This is the response to the letter I received from the Labour party earlier this evening. To be clear again; no apologie…
Aug 6: @rickyaross @KBpops @DougieVipond that's a GREAT song
Aug 6: @takeitawaypod thanks guys for making a genuinely interesting programme about the first Paul elpee I ever bought an… https://t.co/1gsYXYQFUN
Aug 6: @stephenflynn123 it was a joy! thank you!