Jul 21: #americanprimitve #holywar aug 25th https://t.co/LzSCzGt9zj
Jul 20: I was banned from Wikipedia
Jul 20: @asap__tyy and yours truly walk the line. Scope dat @cvltnation by americanprimo #americanprimitive #holywar… https://t.co/vh201z1d7g
Jul 19: RT @simonemarie4: On the show this wk @sohoradio music from >> @Iggy_Stooges @GazCoombes #tysegall @echo_ladies @SonicJesusBand @l_epeeband
Jul 19: #primoconvo out now on @cvltnation made by americanprimo w/ @bygonepython check it out #holywar #americanprimitive… https://t.co/IxKXkEFOYE
Jul 19: HOLY WAR! <br/>Primo Convo feat. Joe Cardamone, Alex Hungtai, A$AP Tyy and Olivia Jaffe - https://t.co/94jPqvKmF2
Jul 19: RT @KX935openwater: @icaruslinemovie is a must-see for any self-professed music junkie, film snob, LA club rat or malcontent who thinks the…
Jul 19: Tomorrow on @cvltnation #americanprimitive #holywar #cvltnation travismichaelkeller @ Los Angeles, California https://t.co/YbTu27eR0V
Jul 18: RT @buddyhead: 💯🗣 PRIMO CONVO is a series of talks where one artist explores conversations about their art with their peers.  The hope is t…
Jul 18: americanprimo presents: primo convo. A talk dive with 4 of my friends / Peers about the project and art life. Lo… https://t.co/hY9jfJPdac
Jul 18: RT @buddyhead: The thug life chose us x East Side No One video in production https://t.co/OV9BP6lcY2
Jul 18: @LastLizard808 🙏🏿
Jul 17: RT @buddyhead: 🔥 🗣 @Asaptyy & @_JOE_CARDAMONE_ 🔥🗣PRIMO CONVO full video Thursday 🤯 https://t.co/DfQlq4PQl3
Jul 16: The Icarus Line City Job https://t.co/27ZqfCkOEz via amazing video by Ward Robinson for a cut off Slave Vows
Jul 16: RT @buddyhead: East Side No One x @_JOE_CARDAMONE_ x American Primitive https://t.co/TyxnU7Leev
Jul 16: RT @buddyhead: LA’s old man made river 🗣🧠 PRIMO CONVO 🗣🧠 Full video up at @cvltnation next Thursday 💥 https://t.co/rE1HyiWxql
Jul 15: Awesome night running around the back lot shooting scenes. Dodging the fuzz. Stealing locals. Art life in full… https://t.co/B2LrTWPcEM
Jul 14: https://t.co/GSeMOEjeHO
Jul 13: @SalomeDoom @icaruslinemovie No word yet. Working on some screenings / performances for fall.
Jul 13: @simonemarie4 😍