Jun 11: @PopsClazy @Spielbergstud @PepperTheSmeps @landofthe80 That’s not Jim Peterik playing the guitars.
Jun 1: https://t.co/mnm0Hwu3pu Check this out...
Jun 1: Brett Banditelli on Twitter: "Here's @ScrippsBee crowning a historic EIGHT co-champions BECAUSE THEY RAN OUT OF WOR… https://t.co/hxW96tK4Qj
May 19: Hi All... I’ve got a few tweets that are not showing up from facebook on the official page. Check them out over there for now - fs
Apr 9: New Found Glory's 'Eye Of the Tiger' Cover: Premiere & Interview | Billboard https://t.co/iaZu50wiup
Mar 1: https://t.co/LYxZ2fQnYt
Mar 1: https://t.co/39n2Fhi9yc
Feb 9: @RockRMS F**k that guy.
Feb 1: @Cameron_Muzic Right on!
Jan 25: Another great audience. https://t.co/tp72t4FuT9
Jan 25: Just posted a photo https://t.co/hY6mVMQMwx
Jan 25: Ed Kings 0-17. fs #frankiesullivanguitar #rock #guitar https://t.co/SPq62GO8Mh
Jan 25: My closet is stacked with good stuff. #inspiration #frankiesullivanguitar https://t.co/XxzqO9o7GU
Jan 25: Clean your vinyl and even right out of the packaging https://t.co/WoqtWP5rWn
Jan 23: fs #frankiesullivanguiitqr https://t.co/hXIWU3VOz3
Jan 21: I took Willie to the furniture store. He found a good place to wait. #williethehound fs https://t.co/rIRmO69oB7
Jan 21: My youngest daughter, Kelly, takes her first look at us as Mrs Burdi (you bet that’s Italian) as Beautiful as ever.… https://t.co/nuKk5t3lcU
Jan 19: Gotta clean em’ before and after. #quintessenceaudio #vinyl #theeyeofthetiger #frankiesullivanguitar https://t.co/FBR1mpUtSL
Jan 16: New T’s and hats from my brother Nick slystalloneshop - get yourself some, they rock! I wore a hat and T to the g… https://t.co/HgDAHKRSrk
Jan 16: Outtakes! Girls Grown Up!?! We were recording vocals and Bud Prager (RIP) called me and asked if I was seriously… https://t.co/wmKoDCZjRW