Jan 21: #paulsmithclothing @paulsmithdesign #paulsmithcollection https://t.co/64mJHP3dv1
Jan 21: I took Willie to the furniture store. He found a good place to wait. #williethehound fs https://t.co/rIRmO69oB7
Jan 21: My youngest daughter, Kelly, takes her first look at us as Mrs Burdi (you bet that’s Italian) as Beautiful as ever.… https://t.co/nuKk5t3lcU
Jan 19: Gotta clean em’ before and after. #quintessenceaudio #vinyl #theeyeofthetiger #frankiesullivanguitar https://t.co/FBR1mpUtSL
Jan 16: New T’s and hats from my brother Nick slystalloneshop - get yourself some, they rock! I wore a hat and T to the g… https://t.co/HgDAHKRSrk
Jan 16: Outtakes! Girls Grown Up!?! We were recording vocals and Bud Prager (RIP) called me and asked if I was seriously… https://t.co/wmKoDCZjRW
Jan 15: A drummer in the making...? fs. My Grandson. https://t.co/dpG1PwCaU5
Jan 15: A drummer in the making...? fs. My Grandson. https://t.co/GECzaYXkpM
Jan 15: #dscaudio fs https://t.co/0a8DXfrX6S
Jan 14: fs #vinyl #wilsonaudio #frankiesullivanguitar #audioresearch #dcsaudio #amgturntable #rock #quintessenceaudio… https://t.co/CtH26IA0CG
Jan 14: My chair! fs #frankiesullivanguitar https://t.co/5Z00H3v95z
Jan 14: #ponoplayer @neilyoung https://t.co/TKlzHNznK7
Jan 14: It’s always about music to me. Listening is an experience, I love it! fs. #vinyl frankiesullivanguitar… https://t.co/GumvlnZSp1
Jan 13: Sony/ATV - another Huge Corp that has demolished the industry.
Jan 13: @jefderoode Hi! Frankie s here. You play any other keys! You wanna job? Post it - fs
Jan 8: What are publishers? Not needed. You write songs they’re yours. There was a time these now giant corporations they… https://t.co/h7Iv4t9OWV
Jan 8: https://t.co/Na6e5blFGF Here you go. fs
Jan 6: Willie and me chillin’. fs https://t.co/yQmF0Z5Xs5
Jan 4: @Bill_Welker hey Bill, I’ve still not had my old Les Paul returned. Can you help?
Jan 4: RT @niksuela: @WoodyTone You should consider in-depth look into the guitar tones and playing of Survivor's Frankie Sullivan. A very tasty p…