Feb 18: A little peaceful distraction today in my neighborhood #atpeace https://t.co/QsniuGlKCR
Feb 17: This has been one of the hardest weeks. At the vets again with our oldest boy Fussy. He had another seizure... https://t.co/GI06jzqafn
Feb 16: Utah rockers join me live 9pm central with Cory Draper and Salt Lake City's #1 Rock radio station KBER 101 FM.... https://t.co/2o5MqbR1H0
Feb 16: https://t.co/eDI5lpJoPq
Feb 15: New Spa room at the new house! Vegas/LA gals and girls get some of this sweet serenity. Now booking with the... https://t.co/3oxTraNzQ9
Feb 13: Hi guys and FB friends! Haven't posted on here in a while. Lots of great things going on musically. My new band... https://t.co/oZJxrRJ0Ag
Feb 13: Thank you to my good bud and Screamer Magazine founder David Castagno for this amazing interview! cheers \,,/... https://t.co/9jt4gzxciR
Feb 2: Love this pic from yesterdays video shoot! #ElectricRadioKings
Jan 31: Video set ready to role!! Sympathy For Me Electric Radio Kings Video Debut \,,/ Lets get Morgan... Keep It King Productions
Jan 24: Well 7 days later Paula Mauter and I are finally moved into to our new house. I can barely move my arms past my... https://t.co/TyG7cH8Ya4
Jan 17: Super stoked to be filming Electric Radio Kings 1st music video for our upcoming single "Sympathy for Me' at the... https://t.co/KiteJhKDF7
Jan 14: So as I'm cleaning and packing up for our move, I came across this old phone I had from 2005 I believe. Man its... https://t.co/PEYnNNKbkV
Jan 8: What does "Parking Lot" mean to many people??..... mainly it's a place to just park your car to wherever you are... https://t.co/SBaDaEqB51
Jan 6: Thank you rock out magazine! @ERKRadio2017 @SunGodSevenBand @JohnnyRude1 @AJStJames @stacey_blades https://t.co/hwbUz5g66U
Jan 2: Starting Off the new year right! Our new home in 3 weeks @ Desert Shores! Paula and I are so excited! Major... https://t.co/i24jy3pIub
Jan 1: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! HERE'S TO AN AMAZING NEW YEAR!!! 2017 lots of setbacks but came out shining!! Let's spread hope... https://t.co/0Efak5ZbJN
Dec 30: 80's guitar enthusiasts!!! I'm selling one of my BC Rich Gunslingers with custom BC Rich Hard shell Case! Make s... https://t.co/lbyf9oVcpg
Dec 24: I can't think of a better Christmas present than this amazing review of our new single Grabbing At A Distant... https://t.co/fAN9Yx6YPJ
Dec 19: And the press keeps rolling on... Anybody know what language this might be? Thank you Paranoid for the write and... https://t.co/yh8kn2jRgE
Dec 15: So I'm at a business party for a friend of mine last night and in walks OJ Simpson..... Discuss....