Dec 7: Time to crown the Kings! EP Release party Friday night Dec 8th!!! @VampdVegas @KorieKoker @DannyCountKoker… https://t.co/p9mM6jdUdj
Dec 5: An incredible day of music, love and rock n roll https://t.co/e2Vot38BdZ https://t.co/j906mbjkmU
Dec 5: Thank you Mitch Lafon and Aaron Small at Bravewords, you guys are 😁 ELECTRIC RADIO KINGS - "The Stuff Just... https://t.co/PeeHFKqhiU
Dec 4: Thank you Morning Blend for the great promo and interview! We had a blast!! #Electricradiokings
Dec 4: About to go live!!! ABC Studios #Morning Blend
Dec 3: Tune into ABC TV Mon. Dec 4th on Morning Blend Paul and I will be talking all things Electric Radio Kings for our u… https://t.co/CXGWQ8DHVF
Dec 3: Hey my fellow Vegas's lol Tune into ABC Channel 13 tomorrow morning at 9:15 and catch Paul Christiana and I as... https://t.co/hG3Kpk2EB0
Dec 1: Gutted and Glory #Gibsonlespaul #Electricradiokings
Nov 30: Thank you Taylor T Carlson and ZRock for this great review our Electric Radio King's EP "Lights Fantastic" thanks... https://t.co/OjU29dPe3L
Nov 29: Thank you Don Barnhart for this cool press clipping for ERK's EP release party next week!... https://t.co/VqrWECNf9B
Nov 28: So excited to debut my awesome new band Electric Radio Kings Friday Dec 8th for our EP Release Party… https://t.co/AnlSJjdrjl
Nov 25: Check out my new band electric Radio Kings single "Grabbing At A Distant Star available on Itunes, Spitify,... https://t.co/U2KCDDzvAa
Nov 23: Happy Thanksgiving πŸ—πŸ›πŸ πŸ° Everyone have a blessed day with family and friends from Paula and I. Spread the hope and live the love. Cheers 🍻
Nov 21: Whats shaking friends hope everyone is doing great this thanksgiving week, so much to be grateful for. My new... https://t.co/URx4Pgd9Zk
Nov 20: Keith and I prepping our guitar attack for Electric Radio Kings upcoming live debut/ EP Release Dec 8th at Vampd... https://t.co/0gIMwy89wO
Nov 18: RIP Malcolm Young from AC/DC one bad ass rhythm guitarist your riffs will live on forever!!!... https://t.co/WUVZu6yIii
Nov 17: check out this awesome band from the Midwest called Electric Revolution. Drummer Billie Pulera turned me onto them.… https://t.co/0OuYlOGok9
Nov 14: Guys want to thank so many of you for the amazing response to my new band Electric Radio Kings. I'm floored at... https://t.co/DoRYCQShfe
Nov 13: So this is an entertaining Monday. Some nutjob dressed in black is walking around my complex with a knife. tons of.… https://t.co/Tp44u4nVwM
Nov 13: Apparently 2679 of my FB friends are on Instagram according to FB lol So here I am!! ;)... https://t.co/ROy3sCt7eI