Oct 11: https://t.co/JL4D8KRyjA
Oct 2: Holy Hell as if today wasn't bad enough Tom Petty died!!! WTF!!!! This was my first concert in 1979 when I was... https://t.co/FjFCkUcp2a
Oct 2: Thank you all for the texts and messages today/ last night. Paula and i are okay. I'm just numb today as a... https://t.co/LC6wk4cf8t
Oct 1: Was just down by the Strip and just heard of this sniper type shooting of many people at the Route 91 Country... https://t.co/K5FZhCDeBR
Sep 29: Today is grateful Friday! Name a few things you have experienced or you are grateful for past, present and... https://t.co/JqzcaigPei
Sep 29: Posted a new song: "Grabbing At A Distant Star SRM" https://t.co/Nnl7VRnzEe https://t.co/QjkGSgdR88
Sep 27: RIP Hugh Hefner a true entrepreneur Hugh Hefner, Playboy founder, dead at 91... https://t.co/jFj1Gn1Q2j
Sep 13: ust officially launched the Stacey Blades Rawk Academy Online Guitar Lessons! PM me or email... https://t.co/jPLWQJ07ZB
Sep 13: Just officially launched the Stacey Blades Rawk Academy Online Guitar Lessons! PM me for more information. God... https://t.co/pIJ0mFaKl4
Sep 9: @EddieTrunk don't fire till you see the whites of their eyes haaaa :)P https://t.co/1vGegKkyUb
Sep 9: yay you didn't know? lol does look a little like me https://t.co/hTFE1mZWZl
Sep 7: To all my Florida friends please be safe and take shelter and or get out of Dodge. Prayers with all of you
Sep 1: Interesting fact that I learned from Zach Zachary Throne last night. Hearts big hit what about love was actually... https://t.co/kEV4CUh6ZM
Aug 26: Brand new Telecaster to the Collection!!! Thank you so much Chris and,Tony over at ESP Guitars. Proud to endorse... https://t.co/pFefxaPS9B
Aug 25: Hangin with some good rock amigos... Fred Coury and Jon Levin
Aug 25: Hellllo L.A.great to be back! View from our room! Grand opening of the Sofitel Spa and,Skin Studio LA predict... https://t.co/aR3tx9ST8z
Aug 25: Helllo LA good to be back! View from our room 😎
Aug 22: Nothing like your water heater blowing up at 11:30 at night!! #NiagraFalls lol
Aug 21: Moms, Dads, Sisters , Brothers, Uncles and Aunt''s please educate your kids, friends kids, nieces and nephews on... https://t.co/A9YnXBdFLs
Aug 12: https://t.co/2gLfROgfEF