Sep 17: Okay exciting day number 2! Just had an amazing meeting with Kane Churko. Kane has engineered some amazing albums a… https://t.co/XsV5pC4WTd
Sep 13: E Minor Funky Blues in style of SRV and Gary Moore! #onlineguitarlessons #staceybladesrawkacademy https://t.co/y5BxEkh5VO
Sep 1: C Minor Jazz Fusion Learn this and other cool guitar techniques with my lesson program Cheers! Happy Labor Day we… https://t.co/PtMC1jQWyF
Aug 26: Well so much for going back to Cancun again. This is sad it's turning into what Acapulco has become.… https://t.co/2gugrjKVNE
Aug 16: Lord we pray for these tumors to be benign. please cure Oz with your healing powers. Amen https://t.co/RK7rRcUsRK
Aug 10: ERK Rocking the carpet at our show with CO-OP. Thank you AGE Entertainment and Leah Burlington Photography for these great shots
Aug 10: Fantastic show tonight at Vinyl for ERK. Was so cool to hang with Alice Cooper again in personally thank him for br… https://t.co/wTkn4bInB0
Jul 31: A killer night of music next Thursday August 9th at Vinyl. Dash Cooper's CO-OP. Electric Radio Kings it's the stage… https://t.co/VVBsjAKuKE
Jul 27: Here's a little sneak peak of Round Go Mary, One of the new tracks off our upcoming album. I love the lyrics in the… https://t.co/cHLsTHr67n
Jul 26: Funny picture of Fussy trying to eat the palm tree plant for years ago gosh we sure do miss him he was a little cha… https://t.co/SCtFoxCDTx
Jul 26: This is pretty cool, we just got added to Dash Coopers show (Alice Coopers sons band CO-OP) Thursday August 9th at… https://t.co/FCoDXI17Qw
Jul 22: A couple of stray bullets. Me and Michael Grant. Thank you Las Vegas for making last night absolutely spectacular… https://t.co/AxC8Q7HJ5V
Jul 22: A little preview from last night's show... Downshifter and Round Go Mary. Both new tracks from their upcoming album… https://t.co/E8Xh1uefrN
Jul 19: Coming in hot at #193 on College Radio charts for Sympathy for Me from Electric Radio Kings!! We start doing voca… https://t.co/4OBoI5PP8z
Jul 19: Saturday July 21st! Vegas Rocks with Electric Radio Kings and Michael Grant & The Assassins @TheMichaelGranthttps://t.co/mFXBPSn7jO
Jul 12: Listen now here to our boy Johnny Rude from Electric Radio Kings live on the air https://t.co/ng7pZwKSyy" target="_parent">https://t.co/ng7pZwKSyy https://t.co/ng7pZwKSyy" target="_parent">https://t.co/ng7pZwKSyy
Jul 9: @TheMichaelGrant looking forward to rocking out with former LA Guns alumni MG and the Assassins for a helluva doubl… https://t.co/4hAQUqzaez
Jun 23: I was just informed of this huhhhhhh???? In shock!! https://t.co/ZIsVDtTbLz" target="_parent">https://t.co/ZIsVDtTbLz https://t.co/ZIsVDtTbLz" target="_parent">https://t.co/ZIsVDtTbLz
Jun 20: Alas we finally have a website lol. Stop by and say hello my friends Cheers https://t.co/fSCwJ5ygtg https://t.co/ujtLKPnmuu
Jun 14: I know I've had quite a few people asking where they could here my interview with Eddie Trunk. Was recently Uploade… https://t.co/NT1peMN7VT