Jun 14: I know I've had quite a few people asking where they could here my interview with Eddie Trunk. Was recently Uploade… https://t.co/NT1peMN7VT
Jun 10: Bigger better faster louder
Jun 8: If you tuned into Eddie Trunk nation radio show on Sirius XM this past Monday I mentioned we'll be going back into… https://t.co/bNsqr4EcXD
Jun 6: Another very very cool rock n roll announcement. We are excited to announce a 2 show summer kickoff. Electric Radio… https://t.co/nxWhMEULw2
Jun 4: https://t.co/IyDhp09P9h
Jun 4: Sometimes life gives you little gifts when you use your talents with love... "Jake Ducey" Woke up this morning to… https://t.co/yRDvO6m6Q8
May 31: there's a few things that get me giddy.... Tropical ocean water, guitars, touring, playing live,sharing spiritual… https://t.co/z6Ab0U8yJE
May 31: @NightswithAlice Hi Alice thank you again for the feature on my new band Electric Radio Kings @ERKRadio2017 You Raw… https://t.co/uTPOOmCEYW
May 30: Very Exciting night tonight! Be sure to tune into Nights With Alice Cooper as Coop himself will be debuting ERK's S… https://t.co/5cvmry1Ktz
May 28: https://t.co/uEPEYQaUiC
May 25: Lake,ocean or swimming lagoon? Which one? Regardless my baseball hat blew off and went in the water lol
May 21: Not only did Las Vegas' very own Golden Knights win the playoffs and are heading to the Stanley Cup after just 1 se… https://t.co/DjAN0uRtcs
May 19: Hi guys how many Alice Cooper Fans out there? this is very exciting! Please tune in next Wednesday and Sunday May23… https://t.co/uTCDsY0Tak
May 19: Posted a new song: "Return To Zero" https://t.co/ZHQI7ZNLp6 https://t.co/PAT2ZHe2Cb
May 19: Posted a new song: "Grabbing At A Distant Star" https://t.co/ArZPn0z97O https://t.co/tHc8SA3hax
May 19: Posted a new song: "Sympathy For Me" https://t.co/K5h8D2JZWV https://t.co/QDn6PIVl7D
May 13: Chicago you guys ROCK!!! thank you all so much 122 puffs and 61 passes for Sympathy for Me! thank you 95 Will Rock… https://t.co/sS70WOZhdA
Apr 4: Salt Lake City see you this Friday! @TheRoyalSLC @SunGodSevenBand @ERKRadio2017 @JohnnyRude1 @MarvinGuitarshttps://t.co/r1o5pMsS4j
Apr 1: Happy Easter everyone and let us remember the true meaning behind this day! God bless
Mar 31: Mike Rocks singing our new single "Sympathy for Me" with the famous gold hair brush lol Cheers https://t.co/bt48lSI8fl