Dec 12: ***Holiday Sale*** For a limited time "Sunshine Dust" is only $5.99 on iTunes! https://t.co/O2hyTfKHbO" target="_parent">https://t.co/O2hyTfKHbO https://t.co/O2hyTfKHbO" target="_parent">https://t.co/O2hyTfKHbO
Dec 9: While the "foraging adventures of K-na" provided great entertainment for us and you guys watching the documentary,… https://t.co/zI4SsnI2s8
Dec 8: RT @SerenityJaded: @skyharbormusic Not a week goes by when I do not listen to "Sunshine Dust" from start to finish at least 4 times. I boug…
Dec 8: Dead Letter Circus have always been one of our favourite bands ever. It was absolutely amazing to have Kim co-write… https://t.co/r9wXmObWpR
Dec 8: RT @YMR_GUITAR: Thank you @skyharbormusic for spending 71 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #2018Wrapped https://t.co/1Sl
Dec 8: So much love for you from a fellow KD ♥️ @kaydee159 https://t.co/g71aFIr3ZD
Dec 7: RT @AdamSCheney: @skyharbormusic I spent 21 hours listening to you on @Spotify this year. I'm still blown away by sunshine dust. #2018Wrapp…
Dec 7: RT @Defstar666: Thank you @skyharbormusic for spending 37 hours with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #2018Wrapped https://t.co/myF
Dec 5: Bandcamp users, Sunshine Dust is up here if you haven't gotten your copy yet! How are you guys liking the record 3… https://t.co/ODDIKzZpGa
Dec 4: Random fact: this song was written on a dark, rained-out summer day in Dublin before our last European show with De… https://t.co/r5FNPmFlCR
Dec 3: What would it take to let go from your soul? Order #SunshineDust here - https://t.co/sYXZ8fU3NHhttps://t.co/MXSBTccqWc
Nov 30: "I am the destroyer." Get your copy of 'Sunshine Dust' at: https://t.co/sYXZ8fCsp7 https://t.co/hjUUYM7H6Y" target="_parent">https://t.co/hjUUYM7H6Y https://t.co/hjUUYM7H6Y" target="_parent">https://t.co/hjUUYM7H6Y
Nov 28: We're having a sale on our EU merch webstore! Grab these while they last :) https://t.co/WklVicFaEM" target="_parent">https://t.co/WklVicFaEM https://t.co/WklVicFaEM" target="_parent">https://t.co/WklVicFaEM
Nov 4: Only a few more dates on our USA run! 11/4 - Saturn Birmingham - Birmingham, AL 11/7 - Motorco - Durham, NC 11/8 -… https://t.co/d1KeOslwuC
Oct 25: On tour with RED and The Veer Union now! Which show are you coming to? #Skyharbor #Sunshinedust #redmusic… https://t.co/a3hQJWKG2V
Oct 25: Vocalist Eric Emery on writing music when you live thousands of miles apart from band members, his favorite Indian.… https://t.co/A9s8ELZ3tm
Oct 18: Hanging out at Scour Bar in Houston pre show https://t.co/e1c6XQvjRH
Oct 18: Hey y’all, we’re going live in about 30 mins (6:30pm CDT) so come hang ☺️
Oct 18: Having a killer time out on the road throughout the States.... plenty more shows left on this leg! Grab your… https://t.co/GfOOR6PsR2
Oct 17: I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/dDFrYPEpUn