Mar 12: Germany! We are playing 3 shows for you in March/April with our friends in Hypno5e and Talia ( the band ). Come s… https://t.co/qKMm4EdKDo
Mar 5: Europe! We've got a tour giveaway bundle for you! We're excited to kick off our tour in just a few short weeks. W… https://t.co/rk3gbn4uFc
Mar 5: ✨PROGFEST BRISBANE. YOU WERE HOT...and AWESOME. But mainly HOT. But also AWESOME✨ Big thanks to Scenestr. TV for c… https://t.co/mSg0lHeOZn
Mar 4: EUROPE - 3 weeks to go. Who’s coming out? https://t.co/3xjt754U5G
Feb 18: PROGFEST was insane! Check out some epic moments from our set in Sydney! 📹: From the Pit https://t.co/zmFr7ipnn3
Nov 21: RT @nettiesaywhat: Dragging my bf to a @tesseractband and @skyharbormusic concert on his birthday. #dec5th #cantwait 😁😁