Jun 24: Our tour with Tied To A Bear starts Thursday night at @WinterHillBrew. We're also hitting up York PA, Richmond VA,… https://t.co/nC96T53f7K
Jun 12: Hooray! New @Mikeyerg! https://t.co/mSWLTfS36M
Jun 7: RT @Wizards_DnD: It's true. Gather your party. #BaldursGate3 is coming. From @larianstudios: https://t.co/bSCHaXFnqn. #DnD #DungeonsAnd…
Jun 6: Razorcake did a cool writeup of a bunch of sets at @PouzzaFest including ours! Check it out here:… https://t.co/fvJumvLVcU
Jun 5: RT @LOUDMATOME: [Punknews] Tours: Save Ends/Tied To A Bear (East Coast) https://t.co/ZCYOxu82pn
Jun 4: artwork by the wonderful KC Marie
Jun 3: Later this month we'll be hitting the road with Tied to a Bear! Absolutely can not wait. MA/PA/VA/NY https://t.co/MZ1jh9PGS3
Jun 1: Boston friends! There is a ripper of a show going on tonight at @OBriensPub02134. It's @greatlakes_USA 10 year anni… https://t.co/urmCeiRvGr
May 31: Seconded https://t.co/jGTjjujijP
May 31: Tickets are available for our @thefestfl show! The Fest itself is sold out, but you can still grab individual ticke… https://t.co/7hwFe45fgf
May 31: RT @thefestfl: Well hot damn, look at these shows! If you missed out on a 3-day pass but still wanna come see some bands we have limited am…
May 21: Thanks to everyone that came out to our sets at @PouzzaFest! What a great weekend that was.
May 20: 100 Fest passes left. Better grab one!! https://t.co/viwRCbclba
May 18: It's our faves in @LaureateMTL <3 https://t.co/FF4h9fQoTl
May 18: RT @LaureateMTL: SECRET SET! Just announced! Bring your sorry livers to theater St Catherine and hear some 90’s hits !!! @ Theatre Sainte C…
May 18: Surprise! Were playing a secret set at pouzza tonight at 2 or maybe 2:30am at St Catherine's! Us and @LaureateMTL a… https://t.co/UlRvNUeUAf
May 17: Hell yeah @worriersmusic at @PouzzaFest https://t.co/HiSBINjwro
May 17: @RTTPresents @PouzzaFest <3 <3 <3
May 17: RT @RTTPresents: Go see @save_ends if you are at @PouzzaFest or live your life never knowing what true happiness is like.
May 16: Christine and Brendan did a little interview about @PouzzaFest over at @Punknews. https://t.co/zVkkNUS57J