Feb 8: Friyay! Please Pass The Funyuns. https://t.co/ASHoShUKHO
Feb 6: As A Thank You, we offer you... the perfect soundtrack for every inch of your 2,903 cubic miles of Fresh Water! https://t.co/rW2Z7RmxQA
Feb 6: Since We All Live In Duluth Again... We Can, Once Again, Refer To Ourselves As THE Great Lakes Power Trio. Such A… https://t.co/zh0hUe6bYC
Feb 5: never before made available for streaming. featuring our good friend @nelscline recorded LIVE @SacredHeartMus by… https://t.co/Z1D97MFP7r
Feb 5: #RGC34EVA
Feb 5: no one has asked... everyone shall receive. the word is out there now people. spread it around. https://t.co/oKv7jkHbTw
Apr 20: HAPPY 420! KEEP ON BURNIN. https://t.co/ceJsIbp9xk
Sep 26: @pitchfork I don't know but I remember I gave em a 6.3.
Sep 26: RT @StoicLogic: 5/5 @lowtheband @retgospelchoir @ActualWolf https://t.co/qt3zLBtefm
Sep 24: I think there's a whole faction of tweeters that still think we are a gospel act? We make highly influential/non-commercial rock music.
Sep 24: @CJBlaskewicz As Al said... drummer went solo.
Aug 20: RT @ActualWolf: Bass Player Steve of Actual Wolf @lowtheband & @retgospelchoir will be debuting his reggae radio program TODAY 11-1cst On…
Jul 4: FREEDOM. WEED. ROCK N ROLL! https://t.co/EwzZYRxTUY
May 26: find myself typing, "RGC got stoned there a couple'a times," A LOT on replies to photos. https://t.co/RLBEZ25f71
May 24: @donnychaambers Not out of the question.
Nov 9: Let's Start A Revolution! https://t.co/bNfJ7vVLGp
Nov 6: Word Has Come Down From The Higher Ups... We're Getting The Band Back Together.
Nov 6: RT @dwarfcraft: The hard part of writing in an open G tuning is not playing @retgospelchoir 's "Breaker" the whole time.
Sep 22: RT @zrabennett: @lowtheband: if @retgospelchoir plays #breaker, who gets the royalties? #askingforafriend
Sep 22: RT @mnewington: Now that we've had @lowtheband at one great Kent venue, can we please have @retgospelchoir playing @RamsgateMH???