Jul 13: So stoked to be heading back to Japan this fall!!! 21 Oct @ Osaka Sunhall 22 Oct @ Tokyo Shindaita Fever 📸:… https://t.co/l1CPGFLFFp
Jul 10: New merch available now at https://t.co/yCReXg0dWV https://t.co/RtFrSX1wMl
Jul 9: Our tour with @glassjaw1993 is underway. Get your tickets now at https://t.co/pXf1CoZAZK. https://t.co/6DWj0DdOlF
Jul 7: ⏳Arena Movediza ⌛️ https://t.co/GWvUBRlLSB
Jun 26: Sick cover of Dine Alone by @lambofgod aka Burn the Priest!!!!! So honored! https://t.co/Map01oiueA
Jun 26: 6.25.18 NY, NY 📸: https://t.co/Vj0AAj6Dk2 https://t.co/JyXKeZfpbH
Jun 5: São Paulo 🇧🇷 📸 https://t.co/Vj0AAj6Dk2 https://t.co/063viHDZz7
Jun 5: RT @deftones: 5.28.18 Santiago, Chile #deftones #coliseosantiago #suramerica #sacramento 📷: @clemente_310 https://t.co/1RpgZDLjel https://t…
Jun 1: Still blown away by how rad the 3 nights in Chile w @deftones were! looking forward to Argentina tonight!!! 📸:… https://t.co/l2SLOupNnD
May 31: Santiago was phenomenal. Sao Paulo - you're up next. Photos: Azu Photo https://t.co/ZyWHswjq7y
May 31: https://t.co/RaPv07xwQl
May 31: ¡Gracias por todo Chile! 🤟🏽🇨🇱 https://t.co/BtOnO9H2Z4
May 31: RT @SmurffedOut: dia dos en Chile con @QuicksandNYC https://t.co/YcZGjIGVhU https://t.co/qtx0wBjb8g
May 31: RT @deftones: uñetas de guitarra .. para ustedes #coliseosantiago #deftones https://t.co/zpZlGgdNEX https://t.co/7jnS6Lb4XT
May 30: Día 2 en Chile con @deftones 🇨🇱 📸: https://t.co/Vj0AAj6Dk2 https://t.co/oWOfeBjskp
May 29: Day 1 in Chile! 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱 Thank u @deftones for having us 🔥 ¡que bacán han estado estos shows! more pics… https://t.co/hmM8VUggzL
May 28: Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro - we're coming for you this weekend. Get tickets now at https://t.co/pXf1CoZAZK https://t.co/Fw58s1Y2Kk
May 24: Psyched to kick off some South America shows with @deftones tonight in Bogota! https://t.co/TiLgAHMIWo
May 23: Awesome cover of "Dine Alone" by @LambofGod /#BurnThePriest! Thanks for the love. https://t.co/HOD4YfLxhi
May 23: . @rockontherange | Photos: @fortycalpro #rotr https://t.co/qZ1xcetirt