Sep 27: RT @DimitriCoats: Claremont tomorrow night! https://t.co/iADnIX9r8Y
Sep 19: RT @PunkRockBowling: Happy Birthday to our dear friend #KeithMorris, the #grizzlyking! 📽 by Jimmy Hayward @OFFofficial @jackblack https://…
Sep 19: RT @MAGNETMagazine: Happy birthday #KeithMorris (@blackflagband, #CircleJerks, @OFFofficial). Time’s on your side. Read Mr. Morris in MAGNE…
Sep 19: RT @DimitriCoats: Happy Birthday Keith!!! 🎂🍰🍦🎁🎈🎉 https://t.co/xNowyuYX9Y
Aug 31: Tomorrow night @muddyrootsmusic https://t.co/dM1UuZ3Lxm
Aug 15: RT @MAGNETMagazine: Happy birthday @SteveMartinToGo. You were born standing up. Read #OFF! (@OFFofficial) in MAGNET on this wild and crazy…
Aug 8: NYC lobotomy @lprnyc (photo - Dan Long) @DimitriCoats #keithmorris https://t.co/hIPyFC6J4F
Jul 28: https://t.co/ndARixxjmh https://t.co/CNgAPeY6Qs
Jul 28: NYC TONIGHT @lprnyc! Doors at 7. OFF! at 9:30! Thanks @nytimes @GioRussonello https://t.co/ZZLsyWbvCu
Jul 28: RT @lprnyc: @OFFofficial will be #LiveatLPR TONIGHT! 🎸Get ready to experience one of the rawest musical experiences of the new decade. The…
Jul 27: RT @lprnyc: Join us tomorrow night to rock out with @OFFofficial! 🤘Keith Morris and his gang of grown-ass punk heroes are here to prove Pun…
Jul 27: Good times today #77montreal https://t.co/SZDfiFGDhY
Jul 26: NYC this Sunday! @lprnyc https://t.co/Sa6tnpBUz5
Jul 24: July 26 in Montréal! https://t.co/0DjEzfnTlW https://t.co/YqMidoRcnS
Jul 24: RT @badfeelingmag: '77 Montreal: OFF!'s Keith Morris is still as fired up as ever - https://t.co/2xV6vvn21v via @Badfeelingmag @OFFofficial
Jul 23: RT @franklinmhall: Just 3 days away from @TIHCfest!!! https://t.co/fbifFqDjRP https://t.co/oIdvN6hG3N
Jul 19: RT @DimitriCoats: ... on the inside. #keithmorris @OFFofficial https://t.co/Lpbowc62ap
Jul 16: New album in the works! https://t.co/j9e9YvCXI9
Jul 11: These will sell out FAST so get on it! On sale TODAY at 10:30am PDT! @OBEYGIANT https://t.co/RKXarBf27M
Jul 10: RT @OBEYGIANT: OFF! Available Thursday, July 11th! Visit: https://t.co/7BbXMMoSMb for details. https://t.co/88QrphQelf