Oct 3: booze gun https://t.co/1CPuwfB1ZW
Jul 27: RT @nihilist_arbys: Religion is essentially hating people because you think your bullshit imaginary friend is somehow cooler than theirs, a…
Jul 27: RT @OCOIN: Most people are 1 of 3 Slashes. You’re either rising outta rough seas defiantly ripping a solo while Axl drowns, standing in the…
Jul 27: RT @jonodiener: Next Wednesday my first comic is in stores. Next Friday my band’s first album is released. Next week is gonna be a big…
Jul 25: RT @ariellecohen: This is a very bad sign of things to come. https://t.co/iYlwAW0EGY
Jul 25: @certaintragedy @RTTPresents 💯
Jul 25: Our drummer met a fan of ours yesterday. https://t.co/gghWwDb3t6
Jun 28: “Jesus take the wheel.”- No Trigger
Jun 28: Johnny Appleseed or Davey Crockett?
Jun 28: Uncle Tupelo or Drive By Truckers?
Jun 27: You ever get super ripped and listen to @badreligion on your porch at midnight and light candles and have a blanket around your legs?
Jun 27: Someone just said we have the same lyric “level” as The Ataris. I had to agree.
Jan 17: STRAYA! Grab a ticket and come puke blood with yer boys! This tour starts super soon and some shows are close to se… https://t.co/KRN4ztYLA9
Jan 16: @baggageHQ shorthair? ugh. the girl GIVE US THE GIRL
Jan 16: @baggageHQ bassist? whatever. the goddamn longhair. hand him over.
Jan 16: 2011 vs. 2019 https://t.co/YhGGpPuvA2
Jan 16: @baggageHQ give us your drummer forever or we’ll kill you
Jan 8: 🤷🏼‍♂️ https://t.co/3ikwgUmpEy
Nov 7: Couldn't be more pumped on this one. Tickets on sale Friday! 🇭🇲️ https://t.co/3mhbAIEzbC
Aug 8: RT @deathoftheparty: at what point in my 25 year involvement with a socially conscious hardcore/punk scene did I give anyone the impression…