Jan 17: STRAYA! Grab a ticket and come puke blood with yer boys! This tour starts super soon and some shows are close to se… https://t.co/KRN4ztYLA9
Jan 15: @baggageHQ shorthair? ugh. the girl GIVE US THE GIRL
Jan 15: @baggageHQ bassist? whatever. the goddamn longhair. hand him over.
Jan 15: 2011 vs. 2019 https://t.co/YhGGpPuvA2
Jan 15: @baggageHQ give us your drummer forever or we’ll kill you
Jan 8: 🤷🏼‍♂️ https://t.co/3ikwgUmpEy
Nov 7: Couldn't be more pumped on this one. Tickets on sale Friday! 🇭🇲️ https://t.co/3mhbAIEzbC
Aug 8: RT @deathoftheparty: at what point in my 25 year involvement with a socially conscious hardcore/punk scene did I give anyone the impression…
May 10: Zwiesel and Brno were both super amazing shows, thanks to everyone for coming out and going crazy with us! The last… https://t.co/Y03ufLhemB
May 3: Come check out our spring clothing line at the merch table tonight in Munich. We play with @nofunatallofficial at B… https://t.co/5yZvYqNECd
Apr 30: Paris toniiiiigght! https://t.co/W3FRQEueNe
Apr 29: First show of ye old NT Springtime In Europe Tour is today/tonight in Belgium with @getdeadmusic and @notontour! To… https://t.co/PMyuu2BdM0
Apr 22: @jonodiener Just sent can’t wait.
Apr 20: RT @SenSchumer: THREAD: It’s official. Today, I am formally announcing my plan to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. It’s time w…
Apr 20: RT @blacknumbers: Smoke weed. Buy records. 👽🎛️
Apr 20: Here’s a guy https://t.co/fXCM2H7Vat
Apr 16: 🥑 (TIX: https://t.co/hI8M3LrOsQ) https://t.co/NWFAY4zqed
Apr 14: RT @ShaunKing: 112 tomahawk missiles launched at Syria. Each costs $1.87M to make. That's $224M total. Estimated cost to replace Flint's…
Apr 12: RT @blacknumbers: Next month @save_ends is hopping over the pond with @notrigger. Where’s all our #European buds at? https://t.co/upSlc3tjP9
Apr 10: More like 400,000. https://t.co/YOHbQrYzgO