Jul 17: police are institutionally racist, oppressive and violent. you can’t adequately tackle that if you keep making excu… https://t.co/xnySACUah0
Jul 17: cops, please stop DMing me asking me to explain why you suck. read any book. listen to NWA. fuck, watch an episode… https://t.co/BLLv2FWiNt
Jul 17: @Bwoooar I can’t believe of all of our imaginary fake songs you picked these three b-sides I wrote before I was born
Jul 17: 🤡 https://t.co/q75CwZRppt
Jul 17: @WatfordFC @adidasUK @Sportsbetio @dadmagnet_
Jul 17: RT @bsmrocks: @nervusmusic @Alastairgw Can confirm Flies is the best song and it’s all downhill from here #nohype #yourewelcome
Jul 17: whoever told you this either works with us or is stealing and redistributing hype. we’re excited for people to hear… https://t.co/L9INLasAQr
Jul 17: RT @nogodsHQ: all outstanding orders are shipping this week! bunch of re-stocks up on https://t.co/fSzgvJPZhe 🖤 here’s our @Genderintell an…
Jul 17: what’s everyone’s favourite song on the new record? i know it’s not out yet but just imagine for the sake of content
Jul 17: RT @nervusmusic: new single, new album, new everything 🖤 https://t.co/33xdd5uQSk
Jul 17: RT @upsetmagazine: .@nervusmusic have unveiled details of their new album, ‘Tough Crowd’ https://t.co/KQjeoySYYl https://t.co/H7XTXkjgmH
Jul 17: RT @brooklynvegan: UK punks @nervusmusic announce new album & share anthemic new song "Flies" https://t.co/XxIVXee8T9 https://t.co/gZYwnxQe
Jul 17: RT @residentmusic: Like Pinkerton but recorded with the help of Crass? Yeah, we'll have some of that! @nervusmusic - 'Tough Crowd' Out vi…
Jul 17: RT @PSTEnews: イギリスのMelodic Punk/Power PopバンドNervusは、新曲”Flies”を公開しました。 バンドは新しいアルバム”Tough Crowd”を9/27にBig Scary Monstersからリリースすることを発表しています。…
Jul 17: RT @deadpresszine: Nervus (@nervusmusic) detail third album, 'Tough Crowd', out September 27th via Big Scary Monsters (@bsmrocks). https:/…
Jul 16: RT @Allschools: NERVUS - kuendigen neues Album "Tough Crowd" an und stellen ersten Song vor https://t.co/TT3Y2IOUsn https://t.co/UWyFH7qftT
Jul 16: RT @andraydomise: lol the cops can murder a man in broad daylight, on video, and the only one who goes to jail is the guy who recorded the…
Jul 16: @puns_n_roses @buzzingbugs the winner
Jul 16: @puns_n_roses @buzzingbugs pulp o)))
Jul 16: @puns_n_roses @buzzingbugs carcasis