Mar 19: @movingnorthuk it is fuuuuucking bollooooooocks
Mar 19: RT @welsh_alex_: i forgot about this on sunday but its been a year since @nervusmusic offended the whole of Ireland by covering 500 miles i…
Mar 19: RT @nervusmusic: tickets are now on sale for our tour with @kojisaysaloha and @freshpunks 16/6 - MANCHESTER https://t.co/gPVprZCVct 17/6 -…
Mar 19: RT @MCRPunkFest: We've got @nervusmusic finally playing full band at #MPF2019. They'll be playing our biggest stage yet on the Friday. Ti…
Mar 19: tickets for our headline tour in june with @kojisaysaloha (full band!) and @freshpunks are on sale now from… https://t.co/PjIL9Eiw1a
Mar 19: RT @joinerslive: Last year, @nervusmusic released their sophomore LP 'Everything Dies' On Tuesday 18th June they will be taking to The Jo…
Mar 18: @malibugibson @sammymaine I saw this and was like CORREEEEELLL BBBBBBB! I will never hear this song again without s… https://t.co/0N7RpWlh5F
Mar 18: @SusanRLane that’s science susan. your feelings don’t matter. trans people exist, always have done. sex does not eq… https://t.co/04QtyPbfFI
Mar 18: @SusanRLane xy is typically male. xx is typically female. not always. sex does not equal gender. some intersex peop… https://t.co/03RYPU5auN
Mar 18: @SusanRLane this is 100% false, you’re talking shite susan. read a book
Mar 18: and remember that we could know so much more about ourselves if the 20,000 scientific journals about our lives and… https://t.co/QSArJWmGvr
Mar 18: trans pals, don’t let assholes bully you by claiming “science” supports their bigotry. it doesn’t.
Mar 18: @fayefellshort thanks mate! I’m fine, just sometimes these “science!” freaks need to be told
Mar 18: and there’s nothing wrong with being wrong susan. I’ve learned so much from being wrong. the best way to not be wro… https://t.co/Pue865DZQ3
Mar 18: it’s just not true. typical, yes, but not an immutable and undeniable fact like you seem to profess it is. most peo… https://t.co/4UjQpW2nWw
Mar 18: you’re equating sex with gender and ignoring the multiple variations in chromosomal make up of people across the se… https://t.co/58r6F9o1lW
Mar 18: @SusanRLane studies, not science. go save a hedge or something you daft hippie
Mar 18: @SusanRLane also no I saying I study science - environmental science - which involves a lot of biology. and you’re wrong
Mar 18: @SusanRLane how do you know what my sex is tho
Mar 18: what’s your issue with respecting other people? that’s kinda all it boils down to. regardless of your bogus and fal… https://t.co/xdEmb09jm0