Apr 26: RT @FrontiersMusic1: Have you listened to the new @Stryper album, "God Damn Evil" yet? Hear it here: https://t.co/5SyaaGEGF3 @michaelhsweet
Apr 26: RT @MoriahFormica: "I Will" is available for preorder today on iTunes!! I wrote this song with Sarah Lake. Another song about never giving…
Apr 26: "You are Beautiful, you are wonderful, your life is meaningful, and you will always be to me, Beautiful" - God Damn… https://t.co/pnDxTUc9Aa
Apr 25: Sigs first https://t.co/VwYblaWgdB
Apr 25: Man that's true. Great point🙏 https://t.co/9j9nAJhDFc
Apr 25: If you teach your 4 year old the difference between a swear and prayer then you could😉 https://t.co/Xy8sFxnrI6
Apr 25: Mine too! This is the "sleeper" track on the album!! Killer groove, riff and message👊 A song of the times🙏 https://t.co/xVMV1NPvbS
Apr 24: RT @CCMmagazine: #YellowAndBlackAttack is burning red hot, @MichaelHSweet speaks out & stands up for their "new" sound in #CCMmag > https:/…
Apr 24: Robert😉 https://t.co/hTQm8yE3Hz
Apr 24: We're here at JFK departing for Milan, Italy to perform for the first time as a new band. With our new bassist, our… https://t.co/ye0UtZQeQW
Apr 24: Michael Sweet Feeling Like Sweet & Lynch Has Maybe Run Its Course https://t.co/Lm6wlcO7wf
Apr 24: RT @SteelerTomMD: @michaelhsweet Please play “You Don’t Even Know Me” too:)
Apr 24: RT @ace_doggett: No shock here. @Stryper @michaelhsweet @PerryRBass @SirOzFox @RobertLSweet #GDE #BESTALBUMTODATE https://t.co/QmWu4AW7tS
Apr 24: I'm very confident but I can't stand egos. I'm very hard on myself and always trying to be better. Many confuse tha… https://t.co/BdyWxT66Q2
Apr 24: Wow! That's the most loved and hated song!! I love it too and we'll be playing it live👍 https://t.co/VsY3cmpwmO
Apr 24: We're happy, that's what matters to us. We're loving what were doing now more than ever. If some fans don't get tha… https://t.co/XnQWu3ceqW
Apr 24: Pick up our best album yet and let the games begin😉 Stryper - God Damn Evil - https://t.co/Ys4BVLp70V Music https://t.co/Ps4Tgjw2AL
Apr 24: For all the fans out there who miss the "Power Ballad" days, we give you "Can't Live Without Your Love" https://t.co/NvSURWtI1F
Apr 24: Have you heard the title track from our new album? It's our modern day TDWTD and an anthem for our times! God Damn… https://t.co/mWIYP3CiH1
Apr 24: Shout out to @Spotify for including @Stryper on this #HeavyMetal playlist alongside @judaspriest @Dokken @Metallicahttps://t.co/Um3fz0Ow6U