Dec 11: And that’s Neil Schon & Ritchie Blackmore (darn spell check!)
Dec 11: Okay, let’s have some more fun on @Twitter - Quote/retweet this with your choice! Who’s your top 7 rock/metal guita… https://t.co/VhcpbxTTl3
Dec 10: Rehearsing now and can’t wait to see you there👊 https://t.co/d5U0WRWh0o
Dec 10: Let’s have some fun. Quote/retweet this with your answers. Who’s your top 7 rock/metal singers of all time? Mine ar… https://t.co/cy3V3d0TGy
Dec 10: After tonight’s dinner, Santa will be there for sure😳 https://t.co/d5U0WRWh0o
Dec 9: Happy Birthday Chris🙏 https://t.co/BIm32C5Qsw
Dec 9: RT @LouisStAugust: Next Saturday night please join us for what will surely be a fun time as myself and Gene D'Itria and many other artists…
Dec 8: Only one week away! It’s gonna be an awesome night👊👊👊 @SpireCenter https://t.co/HoZ6mzDvTB
Dec 7: Happy Birthday Becky! I hope it’s amazing and blessed🙏 https://t.co/WiBnaoDts0
Dec 5: Here’s another link for the show on 12/15. The other one doesn’t seem to be working...... https://t.co/NIAGftSQbO
Dec 5: Come out and meet @MoriahFormica Illiana Viramontes and I before the show. Mo and Illiana are opening and we have s… https://t.co/E3cJc3yifM
Dec 5: It’s touching to see everyone come together at #GeorgeHWBushFuneral - Civility is needed in our country and to see… https://t.co/wNsTg92f1Y
Dec 5: This is what I’m called to do, this is who I am. I was born to do this🙏👊👍 https://t.co/6l9ooXXUIp
Dec 4: Well keep pushing the boundaries yet remain true to our fans and ourselves. Can we top our past 3 albums? Of course… https://t.co/E7O8c33sMH
Dec 4: Hum..... https://t.co/ONoB2O0JpW
Dec 4: I’m ready to do this👊 https://t.co/2imhjbje0O
Dec 4: Can’t wait to see and hear you Mo!! https://t.co/ICG5jP3LWf
Dec 3: This is going to absolutely rock👊 https://t.co/7nWT9EJq8z
Dec 3: Animals are there till the end and thereafter. A beautiful picture of love and loyalty. “Sully”🙏 #41 #presidentbush… https://t.co/fLI2PQSMxE
Dec 3: Who knows @BLABBERMOUTHNET - Maybe it’ll make the @Loudwire “Most Anticipated Hard Rock/Metal Album” list of 2019😉 https://t.co/uCnYEwPDg3