Oct 17: #NewProfilePic https://t.co/bjxMXyeiW9
Oct 16: “Give man his Utopia and he will deliberately destroy it with a grin” - Dostoyevsky
Sep 25: Everything is worthless in the new economy
Aug 30: RT @RealEOC: Alfred Hitchcock’s driver’s license https://t.co/1nVY6fw91c
Aug 15: https://t.co/l0UzRimo70
Jul 31: City https://t.co/R2ttbmgXku
Jun 27: Too early to smoke, too late for coffee.
Jun 22: RT @Sister_Polygon: very cool gig happening June 22 at @BlackCatDC ft David West (rat columns, total control, rank/xerox), and both David…
Jun 13: People are like novels: you never know how it ends til the last page. - WE, Y. Zamayatin
Jun 6: The cure of love is death
Jun 3: RT @MagicRealismBot: There is a rose bush in Florida that feels bisexual.
May 23: Bowie and Led Zep on the radio at the local grocer today reminded me that the radio wasn't always Gucci and Pop musicians I can't name.
May 16: Movies that make you drink: The Third Man
May 15: RT @NancySinatra: It was 20 years ago tonight. I miss you so much, Poppa. https://t.co/zRxesE1BEL
May 15: Got caught in the rain https://t.co/rToSUx6nNe
May 11: RT @openculture: Appalling. https://t.co/ReqsxxmZhI
May 8: RT @EricIdle: How come I just had to block MacDonalds and their shit burgers? I don't eat Spam! Or any meat. Fuck them and their cow m…
May 7: They should call the news wheel of fortune
May 7: RT @RealEOC: Philip Seymour Hoffman / Mattress Man https://t.co/9Z9s8zw4mY
May 3: https://t.co/4Lx3Osawuw