Jun 17: boomers texting like... hi ... ... how... are ... ... ......... ... You .... ???.
Jun 11: @GoldFlakePaint 💞
Jun 11: https://t.co/QuR6fMd5mu https://t.co/0dlduR00qA
Jun 8: @allbageldiet @gomezsglowing thank god it's this photo I took of Janelle Monae crowd surfing in Barcelona last week… https://t.co/FaESiMUWZj
Jun 8: @Snailmailband I'm also at this fest, I can bring you some pads and pills, hmu
Jun 6: This was one of my favorite interviews ever. Thanks @thecreativeindp and @leah_mandel 🖤 https://t.co/wh1NUaWOiz
Jun 5: can everybody just switch their brand to bein nice?
Jun 5: @CarolineRoseFM @KiwiLovesYou yo same!
Jun 4: @Jbrekkie you know enough fucking words to write a motherfucking book also Tom Robbins is dick lit, even if Jitterbug Perfume is good
Jun 4: 🤠 https://t.co/YiPryStzkY
Jun 4: @marshallvore Heti Condie
Jun 3: ¡Noviembre en Mexico! 🇲🇽 @CoronaCapital https://t.co/ehc6JmBLC7
Jun 2: @JacobBlizard commenting so you get ratio'd
Jun 2: in case anyone is confused about how I got into soccer, watch this cute vid of Liverpool players singing to their d… https://t.co/3WA1U6PAaD
May 31: @Lalabandlala @phoebe_bridgers oh always
May 29: @allbageldiet this is niche
May 29: look someone in the eyes long enough and you will fall in love with them
May 28: @therealallyeg Thank you for letting me know, I'm looking into it!