Apr 23: RT @msmoneynine: Btw, the new (and final 😢) @thelovesores album is killer! 😻🔥 #lovesores #garagepunk #pdx https://t.co/4epLU9JQ6r https://t…
Apr 22: RT @CHIRPPlaylist: Now playing: Lovesores - 'Belle In The Belfry' from 'Bats from Planet Skull'
Apr 22: RT @Wondermint2: Rocking The Garage: Bats From Planet Skull by Lovesores (Full Album): https://t.co/2jdYsdBRra Lovesores - garage punk fr…
Apr 22: RT @RPMNEWS1: https://t.co/xjID212tCa you want Rock and Roll during your lockdown. Well, @thelovesores do Rock and Roll and do it better t…
Apr 15: @RnRManifesto @AngrySnowmans Yes!
Apr 15: RT @mdlrose_: Winston Churchill defined Success as "The ability to move from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." #MollysGame
Apr 14: @theetimebombtom Your rock @theetimebombtom https://t.co/895SAFcl6j
Apr 14: Surprise Rock and Rollers! Lend me your ears. Put on your hot pants, shelter in place and crank the volume! Time to… https://t.co/yG4X7f7gWh
Feb 13: RT @theetimebombtom: Huge gut punch to Rock N Roll because Portland's The Lovesores have broken up. I saw them twice in Portland in 2012 an…
Dec 4: Recommended @portlandmercury https://t.co/bDaRdJV40g
Dec 4: Coming to #pdx this Friday! They have two new records out. #Xmas #Christmas #holidayseason #punkrock https://t.co/waSvGRqy9y
Dec 4: RT @bergmayer: @uhactually the best Christmas music is the Angry Snowmans, a band that only does Christmas versions of 80s and some 70s pun…
Dec 4: RT @SaulKoll1: Up for grabs: a 2016 Koll Duo Glide custom in sparkle red nitro with a googie gold plexi pickguard. It's got a maple top, ch…
Dec 2: Snowmans invade from the great white north this Friday! Are you ready? #angrysnowmans #pdx https://t.co/jOj8gIJjHm
Nov 20: Holy smokes! Live in Portland this Dec 6 @twilightcafebar https://t.co/M02llghUsL https://t.co/czWuQdFKkK
Oct 29: Angry Snowmans, Lovesores, Girl Drink Drunks at Twilight Cafe & Bar https://t.co/bDaRdJDt8I
Oct 16: The return of @AngrySnowmans the December! Get your tix today (link in invite) https://t.co/2Bfbkyh0ee #xmascovers… https://t.co/ndF41hs6Ss
Oct 8: Time for media blitz! Friday night @ivyroomalbany and Saturday night live @BendersGrillSF Be sure to come out for… https://t.co/e62uRqm74k
Oct 1: Let’s go crazy SF! Two nights in the bay next week. #SanFrancisco #thelist #RockShow #punkart #garageband… https://t.co/RiYMyHkvtH
Sep 29: RT @deluxedrake: Next! https://t.co/Ih4r5bVJJD