Jun 18: RT @FRabbits: Thanks to @zanelowe and @Beats1 for playing @BiffyClyro’s and @julienrbaker’s versions of "The Modern Leper" https://t.co/zXI
Jun 18: @FRabbits You can hear my version of "The Modern Leper" now at this link: https://t.co/rRIVWbQt8E And preorder Tin… https://t.co/EoafceSuIB
Jun 18: Last year I was given the opportunity to cover a song by one of my favorite artists, @FRabbits, celebrating a decad… https://t.co/2a598rMrzq
Jun 18: RT @FRabbits: Pre-order “Tiny Changes” now. It will come out 12 July and you’ll be able to listen to two covers of “The Modern Leper” by @B
Jun 13: RT @matadorrecords: previously available as an RSD exclusive 7”, Julien Baker’s “Red Door” and “Conversation Piece” are now available for s…
Jun 12: your timeline ever just make you wanna give up https://t.co/EVcKwYltvD
Jun 11: @boygeniusmemes absolutely
Jun 10: RT @imjoshcoll: Where’s the lie? https://t.co/lOozA4VDL6
Jun 9: second https://t.co/9pgQFcOElP
Jun 5: RT @VANS_66: Chicago, we've got another amazing Vans House Parties show coming your way. Free RSVP is open now for @JulienrBaker, @WyeOak a…
Jun 3: RT @rockfeedback: ANNOUNCEMENT: Very excited to reveal that @julienrbaker will be playing a special intimate show at @thelexington THIS SAT…
Jun 1: FKM: Mambo no. 5 / Cha Cha Slide / the Macarena
May 30: see you on monday at @ForbiddenFFest dublin! a few tickets still available: https://t.co/DLOdvKlEgI https://t.co/0NHbzOckJg
May 24: RT @willwork4memes: well https://t.co/IONsWbwIfF
May 23: idk why I keep buying vinyl records knowing I’m still just gonna be out here playin music off my phone
May 22: Donated a few signed LPs to this auction @reverb is hosting with "proceeds benefiting ten nonprofits dedicated to e… https://t.co/eCxJ104ziH
May 17: 🙌🏻 🙌🏻 🙌🏻 https://t.co/5N3byFbLpv
May 14: If I ever say “I read this article recently” to you, please just go ahead do me a favor and shut it down right there
May 13: if you missed out on getting a copy of the "Red Door" 7" on RSD, a small quantity are now available on my webstore: https://t.co/P1xcAEvCf9
May 11: RT @sza: Reality is less Chaotic then the fake shit u build around u to handle the chaos of reality