Jun 5: Raffling off some rare merch over on Instagram with all proceeds going to @NAACP_LDF and People’s City Council Free… https://t.co/o4K1A94rq7
Jun 3: Thanks for the kind review! 💕💫 https://t.co/8SbvLIXGOc
May 30: @brody_pickering Great cover! 🤘
May 30: To those protesting here in LA and elsewhere tonight, we stand with you and hope you stay safe. For the rest of us: https://t.co/abhCz7bPdV
May 29: @mattmusic14 @matt_eebert Thanks! Exactly what I was hoping :)
May 29: RT @epitaphrecords: https://t.co/yG4EcJl2pS
May 29: RT @snackiev: @JoyceManor @MNFreedomFund they are shifting donations to these organizations as well, seeing as they've had a huge influx of…
May 29: Please consider a donation to @MNFreedomFund to support those currently fighting for justice in Minneapolis. RIP Ge… https://t.co/Hwzk5M7P7b
May 28: @BrandonSaswag_ Ya! Asian man records put up collection a few years ago just to get some more of our material on iT… https://t.co/Dnda069BpR
May 28: Do you think morrissey cleans his cats litter box? Or do you think he hires a hot greaser guy to do it?
May 27: This band is a big influence on Joyce Manor so if you like our stuff there is a good chance this will be up your alley
May 27: Lol forgot to put the link cause I’ve had 2.5 beers. https://t.co/WPD4TWiTp2
May 27: My friend Tony Molina put up all of his old band Ovens shit for pay you what you want to help with his friend cance… https://t.co/35APC1PZx4
May 27: RT @youngguv: Tony Molina’s old band Ovens entire discography now on bandcamp. All proceeds to his homies cancer fund. If you rock with Ton…
May 27: Nice review of our album that comes out Friday! Thanks Danielle! https://t.co/J7nqo2ng3V
May 27: @emodog98 Celeste
May 27: Spin asked me to put together a little playlist! Here it is! https://t.co/ZgNUzBnq1X
May 26: FUK U DAD I H8 U!!!!!! https://t.co/fIezw5EH6Z
May 26: @PapaJon843 Nah not a cover