Sep 6: Check out Nate Goyer from the Vinyl Guide interviewing Craig Locicero about the earliest origins of Forbidden Evil… https://t.co/1IXx23uy1F
Aug 1: https://t.co/suUHPFLxiE
Apr 30: Beyond sorrow. We just found out Tim Calvert has passed. Some have known he was battling an aggressive form of ALS… https://t.co/DkM4A6AHhg
Jan 16: RT @nuclearblastusa: Collab of several Bay Area Legends in the Killian on Command/An Evening of Vio-Lence show which is taking place this S…
Jul 7: Ok everyone. Here is something really cool that's been in the works for a few months. Robb Flynn approached me... https://t.co/T7Ls6ftjPl
Apr 6: OPINION: Ex-CIA Chief Says American Exceptionalism Might Be on Its Way Out https://t.co/TkRFCiWAm2
Feb 2: A lost Classic Twisted Into Form era picture by John Jarrell from Burrn! Magazine from 89-90. https://t.co/swxBuIGXze
Nov 28: Nice to see Russ Anderson getting the respect he deserves. A mighty talented list!... https://t.co/sP4wtFwIj1
Sep 30: 28 years ago today, our first baby was born. Thank you all for making it mean something after all these years! https://t.co/xhNQPfM1sF
May 15: 27 years ago today... https://t.co/PNjIX2CFeD
Mar 30: 26 years young today! https://t.co/ECxOgc4E7G
Mar 15: Hey Forbidden fans. Craig Locicero now has a fan page to keep people updated on any news and his old and new... https://t.co/famYVRctXk
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Feb 14: Yesterday, the Forbidden family was very saddened to hear the news about the passing of April McDane. She was our... https://t.co/pI38If90o0
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