Nov 18: SEATTLE we can’t forget you! @tractortavern @_DreamSyndicate @musicofeyelids Let’s make a legendary mess!!! https://t.co/9hnk5SKUwU
Nov 17: RT @newaveclub: 1/ This week’s Mawkish Twaddle - listen here! New tracks: #FailedFlowers; #TheWhiffs; #BluesLawyer; @sonsofraphael; #Barry;…
Nov 17: Happy birthday @jaydomgon Jay Gonzalez!!! For your present we made you sing your own happy birthday to yourself. I… https://t.co/y7GmeBfWG0
Nov 15: What's this magic? @_DreamSyndicate & @musicofEYELIDS at Portland's Polaris Hall. Both bands bringing newer and o… https://t.co/dJijsoQe0z
Nov 14: RT @tractortavern: #Repost thedreamsyndicateband with get_repost ・・・ 2 shows with @musicofeyelids at @tractortavern in Seattle and polarish…
Nov 13: RT @jonahray: When will there be a CANON+?!?! https://t.co/4aqJA14kuj
Nov 12: The legend @wattfrompedro interviewed Chris (myself) @musicofeyelids on his Watt From Pedro podcast. Talking musi… https://t.co/jJUGUmqdDi
Nov 11: We are playing @40WattAthens @CamperBeethoven #JohnCameronMitchell Peter Buck of @remhq @jaydomgon @TheBandCrackerhttps://t.co/Fg3Xt8KVgf
Nov 8: RT @PumpUpThaVolume: #PumpUpThaVolume: John Cameron Mitchell & Eyelids (@musicofEYELIDS) - "Waves Of Fear" // https://t.co/WCuGETQ5oM // Vi…
Nov 8: RT @ABieseAPP: This is stunning, beautiful, heartbreaking and one of my favorite singles of the year: #JohnCameronMitchell & @musicofEYELID
Nov 7: RT @JoshMeadows3: Playlist & playback for today’s It’s a Jangle Out There: https://t.co/TgEm1QnGjO @quiversam @josienneclarke @segadreambo
Nov 6: RT @manuel_giusti: Le roux 😒 https://t.co/U4fWcj2Ij8
Nov 6: I don't know what made me happier. The fact that @sonicdork @1800PATBYRNE of @bestshow4life played @musicofEYELIDShttps://t.co/VWI6iFiev1
Nov 5: RT @bestshow4life: SLICE OF LIFE. WITH @APMike @1800PATBYRNE @sonicdork TONIGHT 9PM EST https://t.co/FHh5xoGyBp
Nov 5: RT @brooklynvegan: Including songs by FKA twigs, Coldplay, Villagers, Anna Flyaway, John Cameron Mitchell & Eyelids, and more. https://t.co…
Nov 5: 11 New Songs Out Today https://t.co/6G2eR0whiO @brooklynvegan
Nov 5: RT @remhq: Peter has produced a Lou Reed tribute EP by John Cameron Mitchell and @musicofEYELIDS called Turning Time Around. Watch the vid…
Nov 4: RT @RollingStone: John Cameron Mitchell recorded a Lou Reed cover EP to help pay for his mother's Alzheimer’s treatments https://t.co/6rWef
Nov 4: Thank you!!! https://t.co/drTlEVKSt8
Nov 4: RT @telegraphdragon: Forever fangirl of John Cameron Mitchell- cutting vinyl for this was a dream. @musicofEYELIDS, Peter Buck @remhq, @Jea