Dec 17: A man once said "I think you're fantastic" as he apologetically patted my knee and we silently lamented the fact th… https://t.co/DxpKiU1CRn
Dec 17: When you agree on a hot-button issue. https://t.co/KnnrKqsLAh
Dec 17: @wayslower Amazing!!
Dec 17: RT @daytrotter: .@_EJECTA_ plays synth-heavy art-pop songs that you'll find yourself dancing to almost immediately after hitting play. http…
Dec 11: Me voting https://t.co/XvlkErlbik
Dec 5: that office mate who says hello to everyone but you https://t.co/Rv91f7Znjp
Dec 5: RT @deray: You should go to https://t.co/K4IiEi0yd8 right now. I appreciate that they’re using their platform to tell the truth.
Dec 1: https://t.co/S91GczjHF6
Nov 26: Just thought, "if I die before my clothes finish drying, I hope someone takes care of them..." RIP, everyone. It's been fun!
Nov 21: i smell the mail man https://t.co/QzrqlEVcGp
Nov 18: Rainy days w/ Caty 🐱 https://t.co/MqciUR4Ja8
Nov 17: love these remixes! https://t.co/Ow5HwOX2UI @gorillavsbear @napolianevans @EllieHerring
Nov 17: im on the other end of the office but i think my boss just said "his dick.. I hate it". i doubt my ears only becaus… https://t.co/WPSmKnWwnw
Nov 15: cool satellites https://t.co/73OW40Gq1i
Nov 13: If you couldn't see my feet you wouldn't know if I'd just stepped in dog shit or if I was wearing high heels. I'm that good.
Nov 7: me on election day 2016/me on election day 2017 https://t.co/HEqvU1jDRC
Nov 3: "were i you...." https://t.co/OadDI33E5J
Nov 3: when you wake up and the world didn't end while you were asleep https://t.co/7EE2JMqsMB
Nov 3: RT @Genteel_Ben: IT CAME, IT FINALLY CAME! Thanks @_EJECTA_, @wayslower, @driftless_. It sounds amazing. https://t.co/l6SEd0d1LT
Nov 1: @coralcola buffalo ranch stuffed crust