Sep 18: when your boss decides he wants those retro meters to illuminate the day of the shoot, but they're opaque and mount… https://t.co/eFGg35alWr
Sep 16: Let's close the pleasure gap (*>.<*)
Sep 15: gadget meltdown ⊙_⊙ text me a picture of you or sassy clues so that we can be friends forever ฅ'ω'ฅ
Sep 15: https://t.co/YjgZ2E9eP5
Sep 12: laundry day... https://t.co/08PYKe1sZz
Sep 11: https://t.co/Lk8QgnaupR
Sep 8: https://t.co/bUSZkw5y5T
Sep 7: primavera sound 2012 w/ neon indian the day I met @carolineplz 🐬#greenroomconfessions #polaroid https://t.co/6QWKDkGzld
Sep 7: https://t.co/4Z6rF174rM
Sep 5: https://t.co/2pVuik6SOr
Aug 30: when your emailing w/ a contractor who'd rather mansplain terminology than make the damn thing happen 😪😭😓 https://t.co/0HgFcuvTcl
Aug 29: when your boss doesn't have time to do the thing but has more than enough time to micromanage and ask you about the… https://t.co/hNx4vorLOc
Aug 25: time flies! xox @wayslower https://t.co/P9D0HsxOMj
Aug 24: ..and is hidden from view by large clouds of cosmic dust in the spiral arms of the Milky Way.
Aug 24: RT @DeathAndTaxes: Arizona ban on Mexican-American studies classes ruled unconstitutional https://t.co/s5IhhS25l2 https://t.co/VqaVaPXkW0
Aug 23: released a #youngejecta song called 'build a fire' which we're pressing to 12"! the b-side is… https://t.co/54LxcumlFh
Aug 18: took a wardrobe risk today and it's paid off in the form of everyone staring at my crotch 🐫 https://t.co/3clIr92YQJ
Aug 15: when your boss says you can be assertive and force him to review items for approval, but when you actually do he ru… https://t.co/wAWKnDxnUr
Aug 13: so cool! trapexoid's photo https://t.co/95Xg2CHxQr
Aug 8: The Golden One https://t.co/LbEKLQidZl