Mar 16: @wayslower https://t.co/wLZiWous8p
Mar 6: @wayslower (*´∇`*) excitement abounds!
Jan 13: @ghostramp It's called Tinder.
Jan 11: @embracethemads You too! ♥👯🕊🏆🔮
Dec 20: @palmdat @ofcuriosities Yes!
Dec 17: @wayslower Amazing!!
Dec 17: RT @daytrotter: .@_EJECTA_ plays synth-heavy art-pop songs that you'll find yourself dancing to almost immediately after hitting play. http…
Nov 3: RT @Genteel_Ben: IT CAME, IT FINALLY CAME! Thanks @_EJECTA_, @wayslower, @driftless_. It sounds amazing. https://t.co/l6SEd0d1LT
Nov 1: @coralcola buffalo ranch stuffed crust
Oct 25: @wayslower Yay!! ^ω^
Oct 19: @tagoutbiz (╯︵╰,)
Oct 14: @wayslower @EmrgencyKittens Yes!!! Haha
Sep 30: @North_Americans I think there's a Russian version of 'the sisterhood of the traveling pants' filmed entirely in a dairy queen bathroom.
Jul 27: @SHASHAKIMBO hug!
Jul 7: @wayslower is he single?
Jun 21: @wayslower amazing! i want to believe!
Jun 20: RT @driftless_: Young @_EJECTA_ in good company! https://t.co/nYvJxEvp5R
Jun 20: RT @FILTERMexico: Enamórense de Young Ejecta (@_EJECTA_) con su hermoso sencillo "Build a Fire" https://t.co/rJt6KhtrOL https://t.co/6RLeZg
Jun 17: RT @EARMILK: Young Ejecta "Build A Fire" on first new track since 2015 - https://t.co/sgISjbo8hS @_EJECTA_ https://t.co/rsMojf0P19
Jun 17: RT @silversoundz: Young @_EJECTA_ return with their glowing new electro-pop single, "Build A Fire" | https://t.co/wC11ucCnDA @driftless_ ht…