Sep 11: @StabbiesEtc Beautiful
Sep 7: Cool. Was great having the group of you together. Take what’s useful for you right now. https://t.co/ZjhuHig2SD
Sep 7: It was a real pleasure. https://t.co/rQjroG1D3d
Sep 7: Hello Auckland. Playing in a few hours at the Audio Foundation with @sterileassembly https://t.co/tIQ0G5iMAQ
Sep 6: RT @UDL_Center: #UDLchat starts in ONE HOUR with @BGentilleGreen and all your favorite #UDLrockstars & #UDLfam. See you there! https://t.co…
Aug 29: Yay. Do I get to see it? https://t.co/HJ3x8LnPYa
Aug 29: Awesome 15 minutes. I've lived as a man & a woman -- here's what I learned | Paula Stone Wil... https://t.co/JJB5SWsMwb
Aug 25: @_manpat how's horsham?
Aug 23: “Understanding ['troublemakers'] as canaries in the mine, as responding to poisons and toxins that are invisible to… https://t.co/PB098pa5Ts
Aug 22: Yay that’s brilliant. Go the #udl representation principle. Thankyou to @runloulou for introducing the idea to me… https://t.co/FRVkGhOH9O
Aug 21: Universal Design for Learning (#UDL) in Aotearoa: why it's a good fit | Auckland breakfast seminar coming up on Fri… https://t.co/06ndpwqVPU
Aug 16: Middle leaders in schs need to be strategic. It’s not just about my area or department. It’s about my responsibilit… https://t.co/HQ39xj1Hwo
Aug 16: Critical need for useful appraisal specifically for middle leaders. Then we have a hope of finding useful pathways… https://t.co/tD05Jr0DIj
Aug 2: Thanks @Ronbrogers. Rest and travel well if you are symposiumed out. Til next time #UDLchat
Aug 2: It’s really really cool. I think it is going to help with the “so am I doing UDL?” “I’m doing UDL already” and “wha… https://t.co/bA1em2INA7
Aug 2: Parameters can help. Let Ss know what you’re trying to improve and ask for feedback on just that. Or maybe sit down… https://t.co/l2oTOLxN0O
Aug 2: @Ronbrogers Hey Ron, what are “essential questions”?
Aug 2: The @UDLIRN UDL Reporting criteria is also a really awesome keystone too https://t.co/3EtMwgamSw https://t.co/KnFYube8gi
Aug 2: A2 want to share widely with learners of all ages about accessibility and usability #UDLchat https://t.co/CcbZuWGFUQ
Aug 2: A1 my common stumble is offering choices that I would like rather than choices based on the variability in the room… https://t.co/ZbyB5clKEu