Jun 19: @min_d_j @drrevdean @DegnerJoni you gotta hunt out @runloulou at the symposium | she is truly awesome | Like minds https://t.co/9a6tv6hYkv
Jun 17: Beautiful. David Rose articulates the shift in mindset we need if schools are to truly become places of learning fo… https://t.co/9ZVQjDCpA2
Jun 15: Playing at this today. Kick off at 5.35pm @sterileassembly on at about 6pm Civic Square | Mysterious outdoor perfor… https://t.co/x7mrwI3v4U
Jun 15: RT @eMPOWERedNZ: Effective TAI- looks like? Doesn't look like? Using the #UDL frame @chrissiebutler #whiriatetangata Kāhui Ako https://t.…
Jun 14: "When I had this teacher who really saw me for the first time, looked beyond my label, I was first very confused, b… https://t.co/NUS8eKCS0e
Jun 12: Free support for literacy for Windows users MyStudyBar RELAUNCHED! – Eduapps https://t.co/JQeMT2PfUz #udl
Jun 12: Dyslexia and Anxiety in Children and young people https://t.co/9Kkm5Rq3Ol #dyslexia
Jun 12: When It Comes to Universal Design for Learning, Don’t Wait to Be an Expert https://t.co/y9vMsmXlAs via #udl
Jun 12: Powerful, powerful storytelling about inspiration. TEDxManhattanBeach - Mary Helen Immordino-Yang - Embodied Brains… https://t.co/TgQmtf3AgR
Jun 12: RT @min_d_j: Learning to embrace disagreements, and be comfortable with creative friction. Why We Should Be Disagreeing More at Work | @Har
Jun 11: "we get hung up on group roles... not every student has to speak out .... So sometimes I say groups of 1 to five. A… https://t.co/QBMorhaYQ3
Jun 11: The artful joining up of thinking | Prof Keith Ballard talking about inclusion in an excluding world | an hours wor… https://t.co/ngZICCkULC
Jun 11: @runloulou Some really great insights around from Laura Justice about Fostering Reading at Home - YouTube https://t.co/PMwiQVR77U
Jun 11: Can't wait to see these kind of statements in Aotearoa Universal Design for Learning | California Down Syndrome Adv… https://t.co/khuzbcIvs6
Jun 10: RT @Designforevery1: Symbols and pictograms are really important but they also need to be easily understood. Not sure this is the case here…
Jun 10: RT @Up_The_Punks: Mr Sterile Assembly on tour in the deep south. Photos by https://t.co/ebbQlRqseI Rock Photography https://t.co/b1pLAm4qrz
Jun 10: @runloulou https://t.co/FoeQyvD1nd
Jun 10: RT @mdnharris: My piece for @etangata on four forms of Pākehā defensiveness in discussions of racism - denial, diversion, detriment-centrin…
Jun 9: RT @min_d_j: Multiple means of representation FTW. 🤘 #UDL #UDLchat https://t.co/76e36luAkW
Jun 9: Get warm in Invercargill tonight. We setting up at the Musos Club with @sterileAssembly Doors open at 8pm. https://t.co/ZfZUpKfivr