Mar 18: RT @_chloeswarbrick: “When date night with my fiancé becomes an insurmountable obstacle course.. I’m not fighting my disability. I’m fighti…
Mar 14: RT @rnz_news: Children call for changes to schools: 'No one cares enough' https://t.co/rzcCsmDJfp
Mar 12: RT @UDL_Center: We are so ready to use the strategic networks in our brains to act on and express our knowledge. Thank you, @digitallearnud
Mar 12: Grt post on effective professional learning design using Universal Design for Learning! @CAST_UDL @InclusiveLN https://t.co/QuMD23gwAj
Mar 8: What stops you looking up? #meetingnoodles https://t.co/fUHT1N19xe
Mar 8: Supporting my own attention in an all day meeting | eco-systems, UBI | invention & innovation | learning societies https://t.co/pPrnJHf8IE
Feb 20: Feels like the Year has begun. @sterileAssembly gig at Paekakariki Hall on cyclone night with a wicked crowd. https://t.co/TCh9Vvsngu
Feb 20: Happiness is playing our first show of the year with this grt band Jesus and his dysfunctional father https://t.co/kvsRCJkva9
Feb 19: Yep Innovation that is diversity and inclusivity focused is where the smart cookers are gonna be fryin’. Bring it on https://t.co/aCvvppriyC
Feb 14: RT @WIRED: Rachel Morrison's Oscar nomination and work on 'Black Panther' is helping change a culture of disparity in cinematography https:…
Feb 14: Throw some coin here. Grt theatre project with folk who experience homelessness & racism. My friend Bron codirecting https://t.co/OWlwfcWybo
Feb 14: RT @virtuallykaren: What would a truly disability-accessible city look like? Cc @chrissiebutler #udlchat #inclusive https://t.co/tK5iCWOKSh
Feb 12: RT @StabbiesEtc: 499M / The BISCUITS / PUMICE. at Audio Foundation, Fri 16th Feb. 8pm. $10. An ordinary life of piss ups, verbals and a hau…
Jan 31: @virtuallykaren will show you later this eve. Have a bit of a wee suite of things :-)
Jan 29: @dianagracenz It is fun piloting them & seeing the different ways they can support conversations about inclusive design #UDL #udlguidelines
Jan 29: @dianagracenz it was so awesome to see you today. Wicked surprise. Look forward to Stories from Avalon (sounds like a Le Guin novella)#udl
Jan 14: @AKeenReader Nice intro to Tim Morton if you are not already in his embrace | 'A reckoning for our species': the ph… https://t.co/cj4XadzYlt
Dec 27: @TourismAotearoa Is this still true? International tourism overtakes dairy to regain top spot as our biggest export… https://t.co/rajLH0qfyw
Dec 22: RT @EduWells: Bye bye subjects 😀 #EdReform #FutureReady https://t.co/OqD4xxJLy8
Dec 6: @UDLIRN @3BlockModelUDL Thank you for the opportunity. Awesome to connect and Jennifer's work has so much relevance… https://t.co/AmAviNe8j2