Sep 23: Thanks again Gene Simmons. I still enjoy the Vault so much. It looks and sounds amazing!😉👍 Photos: Nature Of Music… https://t.co/JnsXMRzZpM
Sep 23: Hello from this beautiful little village, Beilstein and the ruins Burg Metternich. I always get so much inspiration… https://t.co/ZcKtUKHqEc
Sep 21: I still loooove that record! It was very special. Brings back great memories. #ForeverWarriorsForeverUnited https://t.co/PfQphDs3bb
Sep 20: Andy Brings' Film "Full Circle - Last Exit Rock 'N' Roll" feierte am 12. September in der Lichtburg in Essen Weltpr… https://t.co/XjtmXqTPBn
Sep 18: What a powerful night at ProgPower USA with Tommy and Bill! That‘s what I live for! Thank you guys!😊🤘Thank you my d… https://t.co/KlLJryCAcg
Sep 18: https://t.co/2YHAIiI6bb
Sep 18: https://t.co/xiQ9q5Ikef
Sep 18: https://t.co/hX356LhJc2
Sep 18: Some limited edition #foreverwarriorsforeverunited #progpowerusa shirts still available at https://t.co/FSjiqUr8jihttps://t.co/qWEsy2XAtA
Sep 14: Amps and Green Screens recently interviewed Doro! Check out the interview below: https://t.co/Kfhku7Dwso
Sep 14: RT @RebellionMCR: Have you got your tickets for @DoroOfficial yet Manchester? Get your tickets now :- https://t.co/dnv3xCw2zq https://t.…
Sep 14: RT @maentglobal: Forever Warriors // Forever United Enters The Charts Worldwide! @DoroOfficial dorometalqueen @nuclearblasteu nuclearblastu…
Sep 14: RT @chartsoffiziell: The Queen of Metal is also the Queen of Vinyl: @DoroOfficial on #1 in the Official German Vinyl #Charts. Second place…
Sep 13: Have you watched HardRockCore's interview with Doro yet? Check it out below! 'Forever Warriors, Forever United,… https://t.co/AYpqHDSSTZ
Sep 13: https://t.co/3ItR7NKltg
Sep 13: https://t.co/pVp3EVsO4Q
Sep 13: Doro #1 Germany Vinyl Charts https://t.co/ydYJCcyKOP" target="_parent">https://t.co/ydYJCcyKOP https://t.co/ydYJCcyKOP" target="_parent">https://t.co/ydYJCcyKOP
Sep 13: Had a great time at the premiere of Andy Brings‘ movie „Full Circle“. Thank you so much, Andy, you’re the best 🤘 👍 https://t.co/oSQNOuWTKP
Sep 12: https://t.co/MVJdSSawax reviewed 'Forever Warriors // Forever United'! Check it out below! https://t.co/0iL9jwZSf7
Sep 10: RT @musicUwant2hear: #nowplaying @DoroOfficial - Walking With The Angels. Doro is special guest of @SaxonOfficial 8-11 November.