Oct 3: Had a blast chatting with @w1lko https://t.co/FY8zubTnLZ
Sep 22: LA, OAK, CHI, NYC —— we’re coming for you in November, bringing the new record and more. Some shows already sold ou… https://t.co/EPkgZ79mJd
Aug 23: RT @deezeruk: American indie rockers @DirtyProjectors have taken over #MIXTAPE and infused it with a dynamic selection of their favourites.…
Aug 7: we kick off our uk/european tour on Thursday august 9 !! tickets still available at https://t.co/ov6rdTEclK ⚡️⚡️ se… https://t.co/uquePbmjAm
Aug 2: RT @PasteMagazine: The 10 best albums of July, featuring @DirtyProjectors, @Intanetz @LoriMcKennaMA & @Deafheavenband https://t.co/6medf98p
Aug 1: RT @npratc: Dirty Projectors' latest album is a magic pop elixir designed to help you forget whatever troubles you might be carrying around…
Jul 31: Thanks to @BBC6Music for making Lamp Lit Prose their album of the day yesterday https://t.co/3p7nC6jFIN
Jul 19: TIQQETS SAILING NOW!! COP EM WHILE THEY’RE AT LARGE!! oakland, ca || starline social club || nov 1-3 los angele… https://t.co/UqFWKkup9Z
Jul 19: RT @NoiseyMusic: Led by Dave Longstreth, the band has had a revolving door of collaborators across eight albums. Here are five starting poi…
Jul 16: RT @consequence: Stream @DirtyProjectors' new album, Lamp Lit Prose, in full, plus read a track-by-track breakdown from frontman Dave Longs…
Jul 16: Lamp Lit Prose is available on red or blue vinyl exclusively at record shops. Use this map to find a store near you… https://t.co/Zxwidx8zbf
Jul 14: LOS ANGELES!! @TheQuietLifeCo on Figueroa is spinning and selling Lamp Lit Prose all day ~~ stop by and grab a copy… https://t.co/LInTsvgvuT
Jul 14: brooklyn! come out to @RoughTradeNYC to catch some acoustic versions of the new songs and get your signed copy of l… https://t.co/SyILdqQMcL
Jul 13: lamp lit prose live! fall 2018 dates oakland, ca || starline social club || nov 1-3 los angeles, ca || zebulon ||… https://t.co/m21djaXynD
Jul 13: LAMP LIT PROSE OUT EVERYWHERE NOW https://t.co/g4BQ8qIgmY https://t.co/0zLPeGCxNp
Jul 12: Tonight's Q&A at @strandbookstore will be livestreamed on our Facebook at 8pm EST. We'll be taking questions from y… https://t.co/9kMrs8boYD
Jul 12: And also @Amb3rMark is absolutely inspiring, taking this song to the complete next level, xo dave https://t.co/iuQjITXMx8
Jul 12: This is picking up on something ambient — some kind of environmental, planetary, universal kind of feeling — the br… https://t.co/PVflJGz07B
Jul 12: "I Feel Energy" is out now. https://t.co/iuQjITXMx8
Jul 12: Our full @mbeKCRW session is on air now 👀 Tune in https://t.co/MRupvL8iUb