Mar 30: @kennerly404 'freaks and hippies, smoke your dope, heavy metal jocks...freaks and hippies, smoke your dope, heavy m… https://t.co/X3MZM9IyEf
Mar 5: Whoa. Twitter is still here? Hi friends!
Nov 8: You might be a racist if, in the year 2018, you're a white adult and you still find yourself "uncomfortable" with t… https://t.co/mxK6YxFgNE
Oct 12: @TheRyanAdams Hang in there, @TheRyanAdams. Much love to you!
Oct 4: Here's my annual tweet. I'm trying to balance out @realDonaldTrump's.
Oct 4: @brandage28 Wow! Could be except for that shirt. I'd never wear a shirt like that :)
Jun 8: @neverfal_ @neverfal_ i do. i have it in my possession somewhere.
Apr 7: I haven’t done a live web show in awhile but on April 12th i’m doing two in one day: 1 at 2pm… https://t.co/W2a0f2xPOf
Apr 6: Tonight like a muhfucka. Sacramento. 9pm. #allysonseconds #kevinseconds… https://t.co/YAkWAzNrjn
Apr 2: Psyched to be sharing a stage with my friend @stevesoto63 again. SoCal, let’s do this… https://t.co/NhOKiAQKzT
Apr 1: I’ve got 2 Sac area gigs later this week. First one with alnational and our singer-songwriters… https://t.co/9q5opPreSG
Mar 23: First thing to make me chuckle out loud today. What was life like before we were blessed with… https://t.co/xUekLlFXWJ
Mar 9: Last night at my gym, this went on for about 30 mins. Wasn’t sure if I should be grossed out or… https://t.co/HvjDHCvrM3
Feb 21: Anybody remember this crazy, magnificent son of a bitch? #playitagain!… https://t.co/xEirKLFFQa
Feb 19: Absolutely psyched for my new band to be on this Parkside SF bill with the legendary Channel 3… https://t.co/xdGwfqQmBL
Feb 10: Another shot from last night’s gig. This one taken by the wifey. I love when 3rd gig’s go… https://t.co/vasBFFoRa9
Feb 10: In case you live in or close to beautiful Santa Cruz, California, you should know that Russ… https://t.co/3PkH5WN8Xl
Feb 10: Damn, Sacramento. That was fun! We (Unsteady Heights) had a really great time and happy to have… https://t.co/gZOrbNjeLV
Feb 8: If you’re in Santa Cruz (or the Bay Area, or Northern Calif), come rock with Russ Rankin and I… https://t.co/whYhC8Gvn0
Feb 6: Hey there! I just added 2 brand new paintings to my store and they can be yours or a loved ones.… https://t.co/baV2H8gSVo