Jun 10: I might go to Empress Of at Yola Dia in Los Angeles, CA - Aug 18 https://t.co/yzY65L5hrx
Jun 8: Today’s showtime #HuichicaMusicFestival Britta solo with @WarehamDean on guitar and @imroger on drums https://t.co/5vQDvqaB1g
Jun 8: RT @WouldnR: Good day - the records arrived..... Order at homepage https://t.co/SlLLwSK5gi @deanandbritta @WarehamDean @brittaphillips @lu
Jun 7: RT @brittaphillips: Set times for this weekend! #HuichicaFestival #Sonoma #BrittaSolo #DeanplaysOnFire #Papercuts #LoveplaysForeverChanges…
May 19: RT @damonseils: If I could, I would just share @deanandbritta songs for #BikeMonth. Here's "Let's Ride," from an appearance on @yogabbagabb
May 19: RT @mario_morales_: Que buenas rolas las de @deanandbritta #NowPlaying #music https://t.co/chH33T9JPr
May 18: I'm going to @pa_per_cuts at Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles, CA - Jul 19 https://t.co/JoWV2MSihP
May 8: 🤩 https://t.co/IpC51H8fP2
Apr 21: @FWM2 @luna_theband @SeanEden @SeanEdenQuotes Oops! Will fix.... rolling out the covers playlist soon
Apr 21: RT @WouldnR: We are proud to announce that we will be releasing the 2007 release Back Numbers by @deanandbritta on vinyl for the first time…
Apr 21: @FWM2 @luna_theband @SeanEden @SeanEdenQuotes Wait, we put BP on both lists?
Apr 21: RT @Sinister_Ducks: Spinning Dean & Britta's Back Numbers (2007) @deanandbritta @brittaphillips @WarehamDean https://t.co/hrjTMBaCfF
Apr 9: @FWM2 @luna_theband @SeanEden @SeanEdenQuotes What was it? Did we miss it??
Apr 9: @dannyd1976 @ahfow @luna_theband @SeanEden @SeanEdenQuotes But we have been playing it recently again.
Apr 9: RT @writerstevens: Review: BLACK POSTCARDS by Dean Wareham A memoir by the front man for Galaxie 500 and Luna. @luna_theband @WarehamDean @…
Jan 9: I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/pb4WsY089X POLO & PAN - Pays Imaginaire
Jan 1: RT @WarehamDean: am part of this cool compilation to benefit Counterpunch along with the Mekons, Thurston Moore, the Fugs and more https://…
Jan 1: RT @philosophrob: Annual deaths from lack of health insurance: Australia - 0 Austria - 0 Belgium - 0 Canada - 0 Chile - 0 Denmark - 0 Finl…
Jan 1: RT @nyctaper: This is an incredible well-researched and thorough year in review. https://t.co/VzV7u2yDWp
Jan 1: RT @billmaher: Why can’t Democrats learn to do what Republicans do and just repeat 1 point that seals your case, as: “You said Mexico wld p…