Nov 12: RT @mattstark256: No ordinary camera #madewithunity #shaders #gamedev #polaroid https://t.co/b9YHboryME
Nov 11: Love this https://t.co/52QvUvNqRy
Nov 10: @ryankeberle We need to start a club
Nov 9: @alexraupach @milesokazaki lol
Nov 9: Literally me at that age https://t.co/cDx4JeBVmZ
Nov 9: Elegance https://t.co/J4zw3k6Wza
Nov 9: @beuttler @francemusique Glad you're checking it out. Leon is a genius and I'm proud of this music.
Nov 9: RT @Jazz_Club: #JazzClub @tepferdan & Leon Parker @SunsetSunside par Yvan Amar @francemusique 19h https://t.co/3c2zu0AQgR
Nov 9: @Jazz_Club Xavier Prevost, a longtime fixture of French jazz radio, also wrote a lovely review of the concert. Inci… https://t.co/HpBIq3LVzO
Nov 9: @Jazz_Club Also Jazz Magazine France wrote a special review of the gig, with gorgeous drawings (which she did durin… https://t.co/2J38pYIAZ8
Nov 9: Thanks to Yvan Amar of @Jazz_Club for making this happen.
Nov 9: I think I mentioned my free improv project w/ percussionist Leon Parker? Freedom Duo, it's called, & I love it.… https://t.co/mwXor0xeUu
Nov 8: @AlexMincek @JacobGarchik @willmasonmusic Ask Me Now is in the same family as Round Midnight imo
Nov 8: Love this thread https://t.co/vgkvfyWZbg
Nov 8: @willmasonmusic Not really. He was all of a piece.
Nov 8: @milesokazaki Yeah, the curved beams are so fun.
Nov 8: @milesokazaki Don’t know how I’ve gone this long without seeing your handwriting, but it’s beautiful! Reminds me of Bach’s
Nov 5: RT @AkiyoshiKitaoka: Bluish rows appear to tilt alternately, though they are actually parallel to each other. https://t.co/9FFtLOIjZa
Oct 31: Here’s what Natural Machines looked like at Filharmonie Brno a few days ago. Londoners— I’m bringing this to… https://t.co/Ow3pP5q02d
Oct 31: @milesokazaki 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻