Sep 16: we got a new video to share, enjoy : https://t.co/HakgPBER5x
Jul 5: 'How is gravity to dress itself if jest goes about in dark clothes?' - 1800's guy to his friend who's scherzo seemed too heavy.
May 9: RT @weirdcanada: Farewell Troy Richter. Your sounds and ideas will reverberate with us ∞ (proceeds go to Troy's family): https://t.co/BVyJw
Mar 23: How is 'doh' not in my autocorrect, what year is this?
Feb 4: @robertsonics love the #wavtrigger ! What is the shortest (in ms) logic level pulse that will reliably register on the trigger pins? #555
Oct 27: RT @fixturerecords: Listen to the 1st single from PHERN's upcoming full-length album today via @thefader https://t.co/Ld5CtRNUy6
Oct 9: RT @TheJoinery_jp: 四枚鎌継ぎ Yonmai-kama-tsugi https://t.co/1LApi4GlQu
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Jun 30: RT @TheNightShiftTO: #NowPlaying "My Body" by @crossstheband #LO They're playing this FRIDAY at @smilingbuddhato with #Foam #Jons & #Wido h…
Jun 30: RT @ShowGopherTO: Make plans to see @crossstheband play with Foam, Jons and Wido Friday at @smilingbuddhato. Hear them here https://t.co/ox
Jun 28: RT @VangelisTavern: TONITE! @crossstheband @thethingjazz & more! 🍺😊🍕 https://t.co/8J5pOKUWC3 #yxe #broadwayyxe #beerpizzabands #yxemusic ht…
Jun 13: RT @BigFunFestival: BIG FUN + YES WAVE present @crossstheband bandcalledbeth tracesband @basic_nature_ and Jons at… https://t.co/JkaNzZVjWn
Jun 3: RT @BigFunFestival: #BIGFUN + YES WAVE present @crossstheband w/ Beth, @basic_nature_ traces + Jons June 28th at 251 Princess. $10 https:/…
May 20: RT @pgnb2016: A frenzied journey into the world of the occult with @crossstheband: https://t.co/cu3CHROgSe — they play a free show Fri. Jun…
May 11: RT @WHOOPszo: west be us ... @sledisland : https://t.co/Tn81QseuwF #sludgeathon @exclaimdotca @exclaimnews @crossstheband @foamlondon
May 3: RT @ShowGopherTO: On Thursday @crossstheband, Edhochuli, @cellphoneband, Grand Detour and @jackmovesloops perform at Cinecycle. https://t.c…
Apr 23: RT @ParlorWalls: 2nite @theacheronbk w. @crossstheband #bethisrael #weepingicon I WOULD DIE 4 U https://t.co/9XO0EMNxoY
Apr 22: RT @totalvibration: Someone commented that this @crossstheband video is a like a messed-up Teletubbies. https://t.co/iVeQxQyNCQ https://t.c…
Apr 22: RT @totalvibration: Hello nightmare fuel. https://t.co/hfLAHy311f
Apr 22: @MercyGiant @totalvibration @nprmusic haha