Sep 19: The definitive Track by track ‘Cryptoriana-The Seductiveness Of Decay’ guide by danifilthofficial, aged thirteen an… https://t.co/qoPA4TaQfK
Sep 17: We have had some very positive changes happening here concerning CRADLE OF FILTH. The band have decided to usher in… https://t.co/hVxNgRpThl
Sep 16: RT @MattMattbmason: Friday's show with Dani Filth . Hit or miss with Mia Klose Mirrors For Psychic Warfare Billy F Gibbons and many more ht…
Sep 13: It’s Throw-Up Thursday once again pop pickers! Here’s a blast from the past whilst I prepare the forthcoming great… https://t.co/sLESxe3wCR
Sep 2: RT @godivafestival: Who else will be watching @ronanofficial later? @CradleofFilth are big fans! https://t.co/XENdcemF9B
Sep 1: We had a fantastic time at @godivafestival last night! Thanks to all who came to see our set 🤘🏻 #cradleoffilth… https://t.co/rIDkSNlySX
Aug 31: RT @live_coventry: 22.11 - Photos of @CradleofFilth rocking at @godivafestival https://t.co/uA3LxmSU5p #GodivaFestival
Aug 31: We’re ready for you @godivafestival!!! https://t.co/FxENJyHtO6
Aug 31: We are heading to @freezefestival in Holland this December!  ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Info and tickets:… https://t.co/wlFCFVCMCO
Aug 31: Today we play at @godivafestival in Coventry, UK! See you at 9.25pm sharp! Entry is FREE!!!! #cradleoffilth… https://t.co/BjdGRLVUpC
Aug 30: RT @freezefestival: ✨ EERSTE NAMEN VOOR FREEZE 2018 BEKEND ✨ Op zaterdag 15 december komt de Engelse metalband @CradleofFilth voor een exc…
Aug 30: If you’re coming to see us at @godivafestival in Coventry tomorrow, be sure to check out their Conditions of Entry… https://t.co/g0lsbsRV0S
Aug 28: This Friday in Coventry, UK at @godivafestival! Entry is FREE! #cradleoffilth https://t.co/Ox1ZTXV0y0
Aug 26: RT @DownloadFest: Most embarrassing thing to happen to Dani Filth on stage? We wish we hadn't asked. 🤢😂 See what happened when we caught up…
Aug 26: Our show this Friday is completely FREE at Godiva Festival in Coventry, UK! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Upcoming shows and ticket… https://t.co/H1JSnstIld
Aug 20: Next week we’ll be at @godivafestival in Coventry, UK! No tickets required as it’s a FREE event! #cradleoffilth https://t.co/uEsBwfw0NU
Aug 20: #CradleofFilth are coming to Lithuania! 🤘🏻 11.12.2018 LTU-Vilnius / Vakaris Tickets: https://t.co/5QYAaMH7ju https://t.co/HGd2XYvC3w
Aug 19: RT @ThisDayInMETAL: Aug 19th 1996 @CradleofFilth released the album “Dusk And Her Embrace” #FuneralInCarpathia #BeautySleptInSodom #HeavenT…
Aug 16: Two new shows have been added and are on sale NOW! 12.12.2018 LVA-Riga/Melna Piektdiena 13.12.2018 EST-Tallinn/K… https://t.co/Pr975QK1uW
Aug 13: @AnthonyBimmeup Do it anyway 🤘🏻