Jun 19: RT @CazamazazaB: Can we give massive thanks to this lady @DownloadFest for using BSL all weekend so hearing impaired could join in! If you…
Jun 18: Cradle of Filth are confirmed to play at Winter Invasion Festival, Germany! Info: https://t.co/aR7OtvEg92 Tickets… https://t.co/8admLN9sOf
Jun 18: RT @Rocksins: Interview with Dani Filth @ Download Festival 2018: ” Everybody was expecting us to be the next Backstreet Boys” https://t.co…
Jun 16: Thank you, @WFF_Festival !!! 🤘🏻 Next up, @vagosmetalfest in Portugal! #cradleoffilth https://t.co/KY2D1SqotU
Jun 15: Today we’re at @WFF_Festival! #cradleoffilth #withfullforce https://t.co/RWKHzw4fQ2
Jun 12: RT @Cortez22222: @CradleofFilth @Devilmentalist My youngest son Martin is 18 today. What do you think of this cake! https://t.co/4xqZGfzTjW
Jun 12: RT @KerrangRadio: See all the photos so far from Sunday at @DownloadFest ft. @blackveilbrides, @BodyCountBand, @CradleofFilth, @Shinedown
Jun 12: RT @TonyPhoto73: @DownloadFest @CradleofFilth mosh pit pics.. yes the camera made it out safely.. #downloadfestival #DownloadFestival2018 #…
Jun 12: Next up is @WFF_Festival in Germany! https://t.co/FVoCFJGT9n https://t.co/6PIRQ5IzWC
Jun 11: RT @DJAmazonica: For all you fans of ‘Temptation’ which I sang with @CradleofFilth 👇 #metalhammerawards #GoldenGods https://t.co/cY6SyzNbQp
Jun 11: RT @MetalHammer: .@CradleofFilth are here at the #GoldenGods https://t.co/lhuq8PqyDq
Jun 11: Dani Filth on stage with @marilynmanson last night at @DownloadFest! #DL2018 https://t.co/lFI960wMMG
Jun 11: RT @KerrangRadio: Lovely stuff @CradleofFilth @DownloadFest #lunchtimeblackmetal #DL2018 https://t.co/dJa5ifjRgx
Jun 10: Catch us today at @DownloadFest on the main stage from 12:00 – 12:40pm! #cradleoffilth #dl2018 https://t.co/wcmtCgzoEp
Jun 5: RT @Unraveledeu: The coverage from @CradleofFilth's recent show in Athens is up, have a look: https://t.co/M7l3RyYk8b https://t.co/yNwqjanl
Jun 5: We will be playing at @DownloadFest on the main stage on Sunday 10th June from 12:00 – 12:40pm! Don’t miss out on s… https://t.co/fGokmLIgtm
Jun 3: Only 1 week to go until we play the main stage at @DownloadFest (UK)!!!🤘🏻#DL2018 #CradleofFilth… https://t.co/O9B8GwxaiP
Jun 3: RT @DownloadFest: We're going to be chatting to some AWESOME bands at #DL2018, so we want to know "If you could ask your favourite band one…
Jun 3: Thank you Athens!!! 🤘🏻 Next up is @DownloadFest (UK), who’s coming?! https://t.co/FVoCFJGT9n https://t.co/T48YA7SSPq
Jun 2: Today in Athens, Greece! Tickets: https://t.co/FVoCFJGT9n https://t.co/BPDI33jEuA