Jan 21: Morning has broken Like the first morning https://t.co/fW2F5JimcA
Jan 18: Everybody's got to know Love is the reason we're here - "Killin' Time" #ThursdayThoughts https://t.co/KrGUGOLGw1
Jan 16: There isn't anywhere I would rather be Sitting here just drinking my tea Sitting here with company Please support… https://t.co/8TnpKnDC2k
Jan 15: This winter the elderly are in need of our love and care. Please support the @pennyappeal Winter Campaign:… https://t.co/g1p8B1lIjA
Jan 12: Incredible skills from José Luis García #fanartfriday instagram: @dibujografito https://t.co/EVr3vNY2jE
Jan 11: https://t.co/Za0hmSJWNx
Jan 10: Happy Birthday @rodstewart , loved his cover of 'The First Cut Is The Deepest' https://t.co/Fg8U6RRxsC
Jan 8: In loving memory of Holly Butcher, a young fan with an exceptional spirit whose time on this earth was all too shor… https://t.co/DJ2fdYVWiK
Jan 5: Beautiful creative collage by Isabella Piscedda #FanArtFriday https://t.co/Do6YyIgHKc
Jan 3: "I love my dog as much as I love you But you may fade, my dog will always come through" https://t.co/yhJCLr0auf
Jan 3: RT @cometothesun: Enjoy my most recent episode of "Come To The Sunshine" as a handy podcast, featuring @YusufCatStevens https://t.co/pyFDR3
Jan 1: It was a busy 2017, here's to continuing to bring people together and to doing our part to create peace in this wor… https://t.co/JuD68Oo8KQ
Dec 31: https://t.co/sDfuJvz5mm
Dec 29: Stunning portrait by Mari Calvente #fanartfriday https://t.co/ctcvkMt5OO https://t.co/U26JkKN05k
Dec 27: "And we all know it's better Yesterday has passed Now let's all start living For the one that's going to last" - Ch… https://t.co/n79Mth7P6n
Dec 24: "I listen to the wind to the wind of my soul" Yusuf became a Muslim 40 years ago https://t.co/EevNbyTUgL
Dec 19: RT @TEGDAINTY: THANK YOU @YusufCatStevens for the wonderful journey! And thank you to the fans in Australia & New Zealand for making this s…
Dec 19: "Away, I know, I have to go" (Father & Son) Farewell Christchurch, a great end to the tour! https://t.co/0c5MAITyJY
Dec 18: "I creep through the valleys" (Miles From Nowhere) Last show of the tour tonight in Christchurch! https://t.co/65N2KGeiKS