Aug 17: Admittedly I’ve been drinking, but autocorrect changed YOLO-ing to yolking in my conversation with @matthewcts_, an… https://t.co/pi4NSTn0Ot
Aug 17: Might get an honor roll student bumper sticker. You know, living out the childhood dreams I never achieved. https://t.co/ENPHX9b1W3
Aug 17: @crissimichellle @mmvthilde J’ai etudie francais pour sept ans et je ne parle pas francais
Aug 17: @Sabletoothtigre Welcome to the dark side, bb
Aug 17: I decided to make jalapeño margaritas from scratch. My entire body is covered in lime juice, there’s tequila all ov… https://t.co/dsCAQj2CDe
Aug 17: @jennylewis I’m not body or how i choose to destroy it
Aug 16: Here I am tearing up on the F train platform to @taylorswift13 again. I’m always 💯% on-brand.
Aug 16: RT @maestroP17: It’s a @CandyHeartsBand kind of Friday https://t.co/KDFcNrm9Ol
Aug 13: @jakesonaplane White Claw but make it trashy - with a hint of blue razz
Aug 12: I was in the nurse’s office with the rest of the Hot Hot Heat fans. https://t.co/UgSbFvEWuX
Aug 12: I’m not entirely sure Taylor Swift didn’t write The Archer about me. Just saying.
Aug 12: @kellyquackquack Please tell me what you think of the basically teen white girl moving to Syria
Aug 12: @JoeLazauskas Oh my god shots fired
Aug 12: @LouieAronowitz Everyone looks so happy
Aug 12: @tigersgoroooar I aspire to be your grandmother
Aug 12: @davidegreenwald You must put on something by Beulah!
Aug 12: Every season is fuck boi fall thanks to climate change! https://t.co/MGqLkW7NZc
Aug 11: Hot Girl Summer is one thing but Average Chick Autumn is going to be my season!
Aug 11: RT @staceyinpieces: If you’re reading this and you’re thinking that the ICE raid in Mississippi was justified because the 680 men and women…
Aug 11: Suddenly, I have seasonal depression. https://t.co/rvv1YWEknY