Apr 20: @realDonaldTrump But what about all the people they’ve arrested? What about Russia actually trying to infiltrate ou… https://t.co/lY0DqZrW7k
Apr 20: @slingshotdakota I, for one, think it’s adorable.
Apr 20: I was this many years old when I found out pigeons sit with their legs straight in front of them https://t.co/ipMqrL3X75
Apr 20: @wackymondo It’s already been way too long
Apr 20: @wackymondo Me too, and I’m not sure what’s my favorite party: the fact that hey shared a bus on Warped Tour with B… https://t.co/wcOvmwF5pE
Apr 19: @Ask_Spectrum can you please tell me when the outage in zip 11221 is going to be over? It’s been HOURS.
Apr 19: Every year this comes up, and every year I’d like to forget it. And also I’ve never been able to drink gin the same… https://t.co/QJYBdzlGaB
Apr 19: RT @RyleighSpets: My biggest inspo for staying in music is my interview w @CandyHeartsBand saying "As a woman, it's a lot of people not tak…
Apr 18: Just dropped an orange on my brand new white duvet and I’m utterly annoyed. How do you get orange out of white fabr… https://t.co/w0xI8QjBOj
Apr 18: @wackymondo WHITE GD
Apr 17: @jamesjammcmahon @LindseyByrnes 💕💕💕💕💕💕
Apr 16: @thedogist @cosplaycouture @tinaloveland
Apr 16: @dannibouchard @MitchyCollins @Ohhoneymusic This is my favorite Oh Honey song.
Apr 16: @frankyxalvarado No don’t die
Apr 16: Today I: ▶️ woke up at 8am to sit in my car for an hour and a half during street sweeping ▶️ got a rash from sleep… https://t.co/HtXOAwdUGY
Apr 15: I suppose when I was young I always pictured myself sitting in bed in NYC, drinking coffee, watching the rain and w… https://t.co/2Y57yr5gbp
Apr 15: @laurastevenson @andrewfutral @mikedcampbell @RyanODonnellPA @JohnDeDomenici @FriendsTV @jeffrosenstock Unequivocally Laura’s Melody. 💯
Apr 15: RT @intoitoverit: it isn’t a good recording session if you aren’t immediately playing what you worked on all day in your car while driving…
Apr 15: @KennethFletcher When did you stop watching Game of Thrones?