Oct 19: RT @nothingelseon: New ⁦@Buzzcocks⁩. NME, 6 September , 1980 #MyLifeInTheUKMusicPress #NME #1980 https://t.co/GpttrKsz1p
Oct 17: RT @JDE_JFC: Much more more than a tour : history from the guys and musicians who brought #punk in #Manchester and gave it the opportunity…
Oct 15: https://t.co/zdJIMrWVz4 https://t.co/wgK2mgK7Ds
Oct 13: RT @ChrisHawkinsUK: For fans of album sleeve design on @AlbumDayUK a fascinating interview with @malcolmgarrett who did, amongst others @Bu
Oct 11: STEVE DIGGLE: Steve Diggle: Station X on PledgeMusic https://t.co/zdJIMrWVz4
Oct 11: RT @KCMANC: There are lots of my photos in exhibition at Central Library curated by @Rockarchive and @JonSavage1966 https://t.co/t6efssE5OZ
Oct 11: RT @flyingmonkphoto: OTD 1978: Buzzcocks on TOTP (Ever Fallen in Love) with Dean Friedman, Elaine Paige, Boney M, Sham 69, Leo Sayer, Boomt…
Oct 8: https://t.co/qMXGsmfKnE
Oct 8: There are only 90 standing tickets remaining for this show at @RoyalAlbertHall Standing + seat tickets are availa… https://t.co/ERUuKWszCV
Oct 6: RT @lee0969: On this day in 1979 Buzzcocks supported by Joy Division appeared at the Odeon Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland,tickets £2.50...£2.…
Oct 3: RT @KeekabooMerch: New @Buzzcocks merch in store now! New t-shirts, hoodies, bags, badges, photos signed by the band, as well as the last f…
Oct 3: https://t.co/zdJIMrWVz4 https://t.co/06AjpMli3a
Sep 28: RT @stephen_diggle: https://t.co/c8PH1rXW22 -new STEVEDIGGLE album now ! !!! https://t.co/6tkkcbAHJp
Sep 28: @guytoon @stephen_diggle We did respond to her actually. There just wasn’t a way to do anything further.
Sep 28: RT @flyingmonkphoto: OTD 1977: the bus stops here - Garth's last photo shoot with Buzzcocks. As featured on the sleeve for Orgasm Addict/Wh…
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Sep 26: @DianePurton @stephen_diggle June 21st
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Sep 26: RT @PunkonWednesday: @Buzzcocks GUYS your music is awesome, thus you are my title track for today's episode of https://t.co/ZkxRQCyKcH punk…