Aug 10: Øya festivalen!! Just recorded a depeche mode cover with susanne sundfør! And we're playing at øya 1740!! Be There!!!
Aug 9: Øya Festival tomorrow! Friday 10. of August 5.50 PM at the Vika stage!!! Be there!
May 2: @stistaks @bushmansrevenge begynner kl 2100 på @blaesttrondheim
May 1: Tomorrow: @bushmansrevenge at Blæst, 2100!! We're looking forward to play music from our latest albums in Trondheim!
Apr 25: Great review in this months Classic Rock presents Prog! http://t.co/Ccvj098E
Apr 1: Bushman's Revenge, August 10, øyafestivalen, Oslo, Norway. http://t.co/3IBWkXtN
Mar 31: #bushman's revenge http://t.co/AX6v9uob
Mar 31: Bushman's Rrrrrrrevenge!!!