Feb 13: RT @WarehamDean: Luna will play New Orleans for the first time in 19 years - March 9 https://t.co/cfZHFpfjme
Feb 13: RT @WarehamDean: Outstanding job by @mercuryrevvd on this Bobbie Gentry album https://t.co/zrCj7PoYZr
Feb 13: This gorgeous album is 30 years old! #onfire #galaxie500 https://t.co/aHPvlVP1c9
Feb 13: 31 years..... ! https://t.co/h4pKRwQhzQ
Feb 9: @JamesLSwann I've started poking around in the dark...
Feb 9: @CKoucas Maybe I'll do a "Covers by Request" for fans album someday : )
Feb 5: RT @speriod: The new Jessica Pratt album is so incredible https://t.co/zWhawKw2ZJ
Feb 5: RT @MarkRichardson: I reviewed the new Jessica Pratt record. FWIW this is my favorite new album I’ve heard this year https://t.co/jDrBwJ1RFZ
Feb 5: This is sublime!!! ❤️ https://t.co/OwWbpMpw9l
Feb 4: 🤗❤️🙏 https://t.co/7yNi4MTpMm
Feb 4: RT @AOC: People are using GoFundMe to beg for insulin while this is happening in the same time and place. ⬇️ It’s no wonder logical, compa…
Feb 4: @Girliegurl75 @camps_shalon @The80sForeverrr @OWingsgirl Yes : )
Feb 4: I’m selling my bass cab on Craigslist (Los Angeles only) https://t.co/gL5vkBPFxV #basscab
Jan 31: RT @SwitchedOnPop: Listen to Simon Reynolds of @pitchfork discuss the history of #autotune in our most recent episode. https://t.co/2VOJ0Yd
Jan 29: Thank you Odario at @CBCAfterdark for playing my cover of “Drive” on your show! 🤗🙏 🥰
Jan 28: @ahlicake Is that on now? ...still driving home from sf.
Jan 28: @gkkd 🙏 🤗
Jan 28: @parisa9 🙏
Jan 26: @SBarrBrisebois @christymarx @deanandbritta @WarehamDean @eckmc @_greatnorthern @DebDarkPetal @CanadaDaredevilhttps://t.co/UsxQMZGryL
Jan 24: @fortunaequitis : )