May 22: I’m enchanted by rhododendrons. Blown away. This year I’m grateful to be not on tour while they present their magni… https://t.co/gScRbeeGm9
May 22: Ow ow ow !!! Listen to those wonderful juicy notes !! This is a man to stan ! This is the kind of guitar playing t… https://t.co/kQynFsBEi9
May 22: SO let’s talk trivia. Like how everyone has to start a discourse with “so” these days ? How long has that been happ… https://t.co/pMpHVKW22U
May 22: Amazing event !!! In our sights !!! Bri https://t.co/NYK13sUwn7
May 21: Lingering a while around one of these aromatic azaleas. One day Instagram will transmit perfumes ! If we exercise… https://t.co/0135Krux2N
May 18: Help ! James and Kerry are making a sponsored parachute jump to raise money to feed disadvantaged children in the U… https://t.co/Q0dDltEs7h
May 18: Thank you Sandra Muller caffeinatedpaint for this lovely art work. Too many of you folks, this will immediately st… https://t.co/SLwMsmg9AF
May 18: Still Still Life. Once you’ve done (1) tracking, please swipe for (2) parallel stereo (3) cross-eyed stereo (4) ana… https://t.co/4VK790MDoX
May 18: Still Life. Bed-time Reading. Bri https://t.co/bH5KHbDGSg
May 18: Help ! James and Kerry are making a sponsored parachute jump to raise money to feed disadvantaged children in the U… https://t.co/CVF5CF1l2Q
May 17: Quo Vadis ? Bri https://t.co/dudGunnyh2
May 17: No words needed !!! But I think in the early days we used to dream of something like this happening. Thanks robi_s… https://t.co/0hIg7DmG9Z
May 17: And probably the final stereo view of Ultima Thule - the first Kuiper Belt rock mankind has ever visited. It was a… https://t.co/uSM2OsdxzV
May 16: Congratulations New Horizons Team - publishing the first report and analysis of their findings on their ground brea… https://t.co/LewPYz6rLU
May 16: I thought I had lost this Azalea ! Well, it’s a long story ... but today it waved it’s wonderful mandarin-coloured… https://t.co/toVd5wi0rk
May 16: Inflorescence du Jour ! How luscious are the buds of a Rhododendron just before they burst into bloom ? This is a n… https://t.co/oKrPvoQWln
May 16: KOREA here we come !!! This coming Spring 2020 we will be saying a lot of THANKYOU’S to our friends in Korea who to… https://t.co/0NEhCpPeXF
May 16: STARMUS - The fifth happening of this magical festival of Science and Music - is almost upon us. THERE IS STILL TIM… https://t.co/gF1RWUBIp2
May 15: Tonight !!! - Channel 5 - 8pm - with Steve Backshall - Saving Britain’s Hedgehogs - Episode 2 - the climax !!! See… https://t.co/O6zGPTdE7n
May 15: Eeek ! Tonight ! At 8pm - Channel 5 ! SAVING BRITAIN’S HEDGEHOGS - Part II. Join us !!! Bri https://t.co/TpvhND6iWG