Aug 17: Farewell Aberdeen University - thanks for hosting us. Here we see me, the Prof, and Nicole Ettinger, our excellent… https://t.co/hQPA0oCLIh
Aug 17: Look ! This says it all. Dogs being treated as a commodity. And cats too. Sold in shops or in the Internet. With no… https://t.co/1DnUJ0DTLN
Aug 17: The CastleGate - Aberdeen architecture is epic. We're comparing with the 1860s picked in the GWW book. Not too much… https://t.co/j11ZpByt4O
Aug 17: We made headlines in Aberdeen ! Happy. Mission accomplished ! Thanks to all you good folks in the Granite City ! Bri https://t.co/yO9FMYzrJn
Aug 17: Prof Roger Taylor bringing George Washington Wilson back to Aberdeen this afternoon. Bri https://t.co/cAv8TePamY
Aug 17: RIP Aretha - wonderful wonderful Queen of Song and Soul. We love you. Bri https://t.co/SYqg6rTaTH
Aug 16: Ah ! I forgot ! We did a vid to introduce GWW and this book to the world. Here's a piece of it ! Today I'm in the c… https://t.co/o0HYLeHWUR
Aug 16: George Washington Wilson's house !! Part of our pilgrimage ! Bringing GWW home ! Bri https://t.co/JktTUmP8MO
Aug 16: Hello Aberdeen ! Sparkling in the sunshine !! Bri https://t.co/mOFNKIjXdx
Aug 16: It's a Rose Bay Willow Herb world ! It must be the most successful organism in these parts ! Who knew ? Now the pur… https://t.co/RvurWqlHyI
Aug 16: It's a Rose Bay Willow Herb world ! It must be the most successful organism in these parts ! Who knew ? Now the pur… https://t.co/qYHUDZeMaK
Aug 16: Farewell Edinburgh - what a buzz ! Thanks ! Hope to be back soon. Bri https://t.co/34gF1ItIlj
Aug 15: Tourists ! Bri https://t.co/06pQZOTAgk
Aug 15: Our lovely audience at the Edinburgh Literary Festival. THANKS GUYS !!! photo by Nicole Ettinger Bri https://t.co/bWEJE9MOct
Aug 15: And in ... sepia ? Nearly ... Bri https://t.co/LwgrHcAR3X
Aug 15: We found the spot where GWW must have placed his tripod for his stereo camera. I did this sequentially with an iPho… https://t.co/6YUhyjjnmQ
Aug 15: Here's an Edinburgh scene from the GWW book. By chance we were working very close to this spot .... Bri ( to be con… https://t.co/0yU0TWn3NK
Aug 15: Tonite ! Bri https://t.co/LzID28uv7v
Aug 15: On it ! BBC Radio Scotland for breakfast ! GWW rocks ! Bri https://t.co/7Pp0o1PtFs
Aug 15: So sad to hear of Genoa's tragedy. Our sincere condolences and love to our Italian friends. Bri https://t.co/bpQ1wtFq1e