Apr 21: RT @dead_swords: Stoked for next week. NY and Mass, come out with us 💀⚔️ #deadswords https://t.co/kY85o5a8F4
Apr 21: Maybe take a night off... https://t.co/ZMra3FjS7v
Apr 20: I recorded this song because I believe in the message. I think it speaks to our times in this country. There can… https://t.co/pqrJnTPmmw
Apr 19: RT @WGNMorningNews: That was awesome @thebrianfallon! We’ll see you tonight at the @HOBChicago. Do you have your tix? #slayedit #rocknro…
Apr 19: RT @itzjess: Hey @thebrianfallon, any chance you could RT this to help out?? https://t.co/4dcLijdeil
Apr 19: RT @Homer_SAMPSON: @thebrianfallon I have a ticket to your Columbus show tomorrow that I'm trying to sell. Can you help me spread the word?…
Apr 19: I can’t wait to play @HOBChicago tonight with my homie @TheCaitlinRose - I love this city!
Apr 19: @AnthonyRenghini I bet I could....
Apr 19: @kclarke2112 @peteyorn @AppleMusic Maybe my NJ brother and sister in @peteyorn and SJ will have me out to open? 😳😘😘😘
Apr 19: @TheCaitlinRose @Vikings8433 Music is about everything including politics... have you heard John Lennon’s work? Bob Marley? Kathleen Hanna?
Apr 19: @RobDemovsky @TheCaitlinRose Thanks for coming out Rob!
Apr 19: @corinhardy @EW @Perkins28 Do you know how chilling that tweet just made me feel?
Apr 19: @EW @corinhardy My friend @corinhardy has a new thing to show you!!!!! He did the video for “Behold the Hurricane”… https://t.co/UmHt5skelI
Apr 19: @peteyorn @AppleMusic Now that sounds great!
Apr 19: Milwaukee - you’re awesome. Thank you for braving the snow for @TheCaitlinRose and me.
Apr 19: @CarolinaSong Yet... haven’t come to Vancouver yet is what you’re looking for.
Apr 18: Snowy day but we are warm inside and ready to play at @PabstTheater TURNER MUSIC HALL tonight! Come on down!
Apr 18: RT @TMS2787: @dimestoreforum I’m desperately seeking two tickets for the @thebrianfallon show on Saturday in Cleveland at the Beachland Bal…
Apr 18: @alexbrumley In REM sleep. 😘
Apr 17: RT @HOBChicago: Hey Chicago, don’t miss the amazing @thebrianfallon this Thursday, April 19th w/ special guest @TheCaitlinRose! Grab your t…