Dec 8: @BrianDestoop @KaceyMusgraves Thanks Brian, I think Kasey earned hers, so did Margo Price. I’m encouraged to see t… https://t.co/3s9eyXDKGD
Dec 8: @MitchGerads Get back to work.
Dec 8: I’m drowning in the feeling that everyone has their Christmas tree up and I do not. #writers
Dec 8: If I was in charge of photography, I would eliminate the “upwards angle/folded arm” shot for all of eternity, etern… https://t.co/CuLGkpHEJr
Dec 6: RT @bennyhorowitz1: Wanted to “pin” a tweet about the new @mercyunionband record and, like a dingus, never posted a “pinnable” one. So here…
Dec 6: @lukeoneil47 @brooklynvegan @badsandwich @RedScare @Alkaline_Trio @redcityradio @TheLawrenceArms You’re lovely Bren.
Dec 6: @danozzi Why do they keep calling people Christians who literally have nothing to do with the actual definition of following Christ?
Dec 6: @danozzi Can I get a job at @NoiseyMusic ?
Dec 6: @MarkyWhipwreck @frankturner @LauraJaneGrace @JasonIsbell @ChuckRagan @NoelGallagher Great list, thank you! Check o… https://t.co/6D4WofEZoh
Dec 6: @ryanbelli1 @catsburypark I LOST MINE IN DUBLIN!!!!
Dec 5: @_Chris2009_ @ChuckRagan @Laeiszhalle That’s my guy!!!
Dec 4: @IngridGergmen Don’t check DMs dude. It’s a trap.
Dec 4: I got a titanium screw put into my jaw today. It was surprisingly less painful than I thought.
Dec 4: @nilslofgren Wouldn’t we all!
Dec 3: @BillyAndrusjak @dcshoes @patagonia I can’t tell you how warm my @patagonia jacket kept me on tour!
Dec 3: @xHomewardBoundx @JohnMorelandOK @BJBarhamTweets It’s not delusional at all. With the finger picking, just slow it… https://t.co/uUll3HxzKU
Dec 3: @azsweetheart013 Now when you say one, you mean less than 10...
Dec 3: @nilslofgren @azsweetheart013 W-I-S-E, W-I-S-E!!!!!! What does she say about buying more guitars? I mean for me, s… https://t.co/6Xssy3UyLS
Dec 1: RT @RyanBingham: Excited to announce that my new album #AmericanLoveSong is available for pre-order today (link below) w/ instant new track…
Nov 29: @tcellere That’s amazing. Thank you for sending that!