Sep 20: @Michael75217581 @TheRyanAdams @MatthewRyan101 @NicoleAtkins @RubyBootsMusic Right on. I’m rooting for you.
Sep 20: @Michael75217581 @TheRyanAdams @MatthewRyan101 @NicoleAtkins @RubyBootsMusic Best of luck to you, Micheal. You’re a… https://t.co/Sa22CvTcc1
Sep 20: @hausedave @MarkKnopfler My muse
Sep 18: Happy Birthday @MitchGerads !!!!!!!
Sep 18: @chrisfarren And Chris Farren.
Sep 18: Whenever I see someone do something better than I can do it - it doesn’t make me want to put down my instrument. I… https://t.co/F0Cs0KMKt0
Sep 17: So in response to my tweet yesterday... sometimes you learn that you have to call somebody else to stick their hand… https://t.co/igeMkcFIuA
Sep 16: Sometimes you gotta just stick your hands in there and fix the dishwasher.
Sep 16: @MitchGerads You ever see those guys in the parking lots with t shirts? Samesies.
Sep 16: @MitchGerads Where do I get one?
Sep 15: All my friends are having a party - go see them together on tour with Butch Walker right now! @butchwalker @markstepro @DannyDelDonuts
Sep 14: @MitchGerads Isn’t there like a “weird friend comes to work day” where I get to come and be in a comic? There has… https://t.co/zpw89pyLgJ
Sep 11: @RobJGoldE The verdict is — I’m not sure...
Sep 11: Will I sit here and watch a whole Doug and Pat show just to see if a wiring harness changes the sound of a guitar?… https://t.co/mDJqEWSHw4
Sep 10: All summer I feel like a stranger to myself because there are days I can’t wear a jacket.
Sep 9: @danozzi Didn’t that feel good? I bet it did.
Sep 8: It’s finally cooler outside... https://t.co/kc0NIIWHYr
Sep 8: @worriersmusic If you don’t put that in a song...
Sep 8: @J_Hart201 https://t.co/WCslc3d1xe
Sep 5: RT @derekfiorenza4: I completed the #F4HungerChallenge last night and took videos along the way documenting the struggle that it was to not…