Oct 18: @ComicArtGems Art is none of my business. Paraphrasing @PatrickCostello
Oct 18: @ooplebaboo If you don’t wanna be made fun of, become a cop so you can be the bully. If that blows up on your dick.… https://t.co/NJHWw9ruDF
Oct 17: @jimmyjames_b @danozzi @LauraJaneGrace better or worse than fletcher throwing a cheeseburger at you?
Oct 17: @Corybranan I don't think we know. We need to find some youths, Cory.
Oct 17: Called my plug to say “I didn’t know the word plug meant weed dealer til my best friend used it in a sentence and n… https://t.co/MXzMULs6rL
Oct 16: @Topps27 Tip of the hat. I owe you a beer
Oct 16: @Topps27 like, AT the show? that's great.
Oct 16: I don't believe he stole the unofficial name of every single lawrence arms show ever. https://t.co/OZNjwc6GR6
Oct 16: RT @asianmanrecords: I turn 49 in 26 days. All I want for my bday is for you to listen to the new @ogikubostation Don't want you to buy any…
Oct 16: RT @uncle_fescue: [dick measuring contest] Opponent (who is a show off): [pulls out his entire huge penis] Me (humble): [only pulls out e…
Oct 16: RT @TheOnion: ICE Agent Terrified After Becoming Separated From Team During Immigrant Raid https://t.co/SpyKK9dH4R https://t.co/6zoH7iscpr
Oct 16: Pretty cool how we have special seasonal lanterns to jack-o to and we collectively decided they should look like faces laughing at us.
Oct 15: RT @RiotFest: Have a “Shitty Margarita” and enjoy @badsandwich's new song about drinking bad tequila on the toilet. https://t.co/y8IB7tka3O
Oct 15: @tigersgoroooar BOOM!
Oct 15: @TitoVonFlavor @SUNDOWNERMUSIC neil is a holographic amalgamation of all chris's and my dreams, fears and desires.
Oct 15: Oh my goodness https://t.co/ShAZKatNi4
Oct 15: Yo, @SUNDOWNERMUSIC when they bury us together can this be on the headstone? https://t.co/IdXxMbX59w
Oct 15: RT @AMAZlNGNATURE: Baby Alpacas are the cutest 😍 https://t.co/W9hEwF34tl
Oct 13: @rigby0406 It’s Willie
Oct 13: @rigby0406 No