Apr 24: RT @BlackMoonArts: Join us this Saturday, April 27th for acoustic sets from @badsandwich (@TheLawrenceArms) and Luke McNeill (@The_Copyrigh
Apr 23: @BusinessBednar @DrakeGatsby @Pork_Chop_Hair Yes. Yes I do.
Apr 23: RT @DrakeGatsby: John Mellencamp: Sometimes love don’t feel like it should Doctor: Look stop talking in lyrics and just tell me what’s wr…
Apr 23: @StevenSmithsays "Okay, Today Satan" would maybe be a pretty good shirt if the font was right.
Apr 23: @JohnBurnsit That’s why I put our records. Listen to those if it’s more your speed.
Apr 23: @sexualcabinetry couldn't agree more. this guy isn't worth splitting shit for tho is my point. His only feather in… https://t.co/ei62LQ77aS
Apr 23: re: buttigieg: gay/TG rights are definitely under attack right now and it's SUPER shitty and scary and frustrating… https://t.co/EwHtiVHatk
Apr 23: RT @TeenKingmakers: Meet the teens running the presidential campaign of 88 year old Senator @MikeGravel. https://t.co/pSkDD5iURS
Apr 23: @danozzi @LesHorn this was entrapment, you narc
Apr 23: @danozzi @LesHorn Heeeeey, I got your vitamin D right here, boyo.
Apr 22: "aftermath" sounds so much more like lunch and recess than "we're all dying from radiation poisoning" but whatever.… https://t.co/pvaE4gazZy
Apr 22: I know I said that I was going to bed, but I have a million dollar idea, and I can't do it so one of you do it: an… https://t.co/u8DzidfPKO
Apr 22: I don't think I get nearly enough credit for toeing that thin line between "kinda talented and interesting" and "ho… https://t.co/z8vvKN5WzE
Apr 22: RT @bexslack: watched last night's GoT even though I haven't watched since season 4. I remembered a lot of the characters - Leech penis, no…
Apr 22: RT @JoshhTerry: https://t.co/7inRBI0PzU
Apr 21: @DarkMatter2521 I am. Not. Psyche. Not. Am. Not. Uh. Got any uppers?
Apr 21: @Robdobi Oh shit
Apr 21: Has there ever been a cop with a good tattoo?
Apr 21: Nice https://t.co/URqHBV5Zic
Apr 21: Good thread. https://t.co/j5F2O5fjs3