Aug 8: RT @ColumbiaRecords: QUARANTINE // @blink182 https://t.co/EEqJ6RPGAq https://t.co/QfzuxhB5WY
Aug 8: RT @billboard: .@blink182 unveil the official #quarantine anthem of 2020 https://t.co/dNArV4lSUB
Aug 8: RT @INTSonyMusicJP: 🌈#blink182 新曲「#Quarantine」MV解禁🤘 疾走感溢れる2分に込めたメッセージ🎸 “この曲はまさに今経験している悲しみ、混乱、怒り、そして、欲求不満についての曲。皆が安全に乗り越えられる事を願っているよ。”ーMar…
Aug 8: RT @MTV: The nominees for Best Music Video From Home at the #VMAs areeeee: 📺 @5SOS 📺 @ArianaGrande & @justinbieber 📺 @blink182 📺 @Drake 📺…
Aug 7: RT @bCrosat22: This is great. Thank you @blink182 🤘 https://t.co/IzkiX0ssyy
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Aug 6: RT @markhoppus: Quarantine hair. https://t.co/52WY1VtgH8
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Aug 5: 100 RTs and we release this song Friday #Quarantine https://t.co/OQRUH4rhr1
Aug 5: RT @vmas: Who should win BEST ROCK at the 2020 #VMAs? 🎸🤘 @blink182 @coldplay @evanescence @falloutboy ft. @wyclef @GreenDay @thekillers VOT…
Aug 4: RT @4chordmusicfest: ⚡️ANNOUNCEMENT⚡️ The Four Chord Music Festival has moved to July 17, 2021 at Wild Things Park. All tickets already pur…