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Jul 21: lightning bolt strikes your horizon 🔪🔪 #FBF #SpeedwaySonora https://t.co/UkZ1UgUZpH https://t.co/Ru5ZWFewmb
Jul 13: I’m not tryin to take it slow, workin hard, caking dough. Open up twenty-four. We striving for that gold. 🔪🔪… https://t.co/u21wKxnbvl
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Jun 9: That time we had to get our acting on for the #LoveAndWar music video 🔪🔪 watch full video: https://t.co/qE9UbVpv8Ehttps://t.co/HInEVwDVDe
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May 26: It’s just a bunch of tomfoolery… 🔪🔪 Watch the full lyric video for #WhoNeedsTheWorld: https://t.co/PcAFDeRA5d
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