Jun 2: Field trip? Avoch aye!!#blackislecorrespondent https://t.co/5lXtgF28cS
Jun 2: Week 2 is now up. It includes Music for a Found Harmonium, the first outing of the theme tune, a couple of quotes a… https://t.co/p9OuhUKhRV
Jun 2: 👏👏👏That’s Twitter won for the day. 👏👏👏 https://t.co/RrMVzTij3t
Jun 1: @fabfotos19 I don’t think so. It may be available later, when the gig hosts share it, but for now the chance has passed I’m afraid.
Jun 1: Great developments in the tattie patch, and a new arrival in the polytunnel. #blackislecorrespondent https://t.co/K8AXgOw3AB
Jun 1: Slowly adding the #blackislecorrespondent videos to my YouTube channel, week a day. I’ve made a handy playlist so t… https://t.co/9iB434qX7h
Jun 1: RT @HelpMusiciansUK: ICYMI: earlier this week we published more detail about our 2nd phase of Coronavirus Financial Hardship Funding - appl…
May 31: IT’S SO HOT!!! #blackislecorrespondent https://t.co/fSbtqUQkW3
May 31: @RiehlBritta @BlazinFiddles I hope so, yes!
May 30: Today would have been the perfect day to play at The Gathering in Inverness with @BlazinFiddles, but we had a tune… https://t.co/9l3dRuAX1C
May 29: The amount of work that’s gone into this is quite fantastic! They’ve obviously heard the outtakes from our recordin… https://t.co/3xYyvG3cHX
May 29: A beach walk and some chat. #blackislecorrespondent https://t.co/iT71nGKXmU
May 29: RT @RANTFIDDLES: Listen with RANT ☕️ 🎵 It’s 6 months since we launched The Portage! This week Lauren picks her favourite track + a little…
May 29: RT @NicolaSturgeon: If you’re planning to meet up with another household this weekend, please follow these rules to stay safe ➡️ 1 other h…
May 29: RT @NicolaSturgeon: Stay safe, everyone. Read the guidance here. #lockdown #Phase1 https://t.co/yehO99M6t3
May 28: RT @thhamilton: I think we’ve been well aware of that for a few days now, no? https://t.co/CiUCAttTWE
May 28: Sun’s out, instruments out. TUNE! #covidceilidh #blackislecorrespondent https://t.co/LGEHVo6zV2
May 27: RT @DublinAirport: Apparently, the pilot is testing his eyesight just to make sure he’ll be ok for a transatlantic flight in a day or two.…
May 27: RT @andalg1: Sarah Smith gives her opinion on Nicola Sturgeon hundreds of complaints No apology from BBC or action taken Emily Matlis- gi…
May 27: Got an empty! #blackislecorrespondent https://t.co/6FUBypSmOL https://t.co/pwBx7yRdif