Jun 4: RT @jmpalmieri: I wasn’t sure if this was my friend Desiree Barnes whom I worked with in Obama press office until I heard her say “have a p…
Jun 3: @JasonIsbell God I love it when you use your full accent. 😂 #youalwaysuseyourfullaccent #cainthelpit
Jun 3: RT @hayescarll: Tonight I’ll be jumping in my van for the first time since February. The wheels won’t be turning but I’ll be making some no…
Jun 2: @VickyEmerson @brandicarlile I understand.
Jun 2: @VickyEmerson @brandicarlile and how, Vicky, is it that you know what I have done and not done? All this pushing ar… https://t.co/nya9e4b9td
Jun 1: I’ll be bright eyed and bushy tailed on Sunday, ready to sing some songs. Until then, I’m keeping my mouth closed.… https://t.co/R7gS5tkL3E
Jun 1: RT @DavidBegnaud: BREAKING: George Floyd died due to asphyxia from neck & back compression that led to a lack of blood flow to the brain, a…
Jun 1: I hope y’all will join me on Sunday, June 7, at 11am CST, for a set of soul soothing songs. Joe McMahan is going t… https://t.co/QiNnNN7xKZ
Jun 1: https://t.co/Qkmc9ScDoW
Jun 1: Thank you, @brianschatz https://t.co/tloCl7nfXI
May 31: @frazzledsoul Endorsing violence? I did no such thing. Report away.
May 31: Let’s simplify: A few people have too much. Most people have too little. Basic human needs: RIGHTS, MONEY, ACCESS,… https://t.co/4syCI0VHZN
May 31: RT @KamalaHarris: Black communities have not received equal justice under law for centuries. Black blood has stained America’s sidewalks. T…
May 31: SUNDAY SELFIE SERIES #5: @teddythompson • Teddy’s one of my dearest & most talented friends. Get his terrific new r… https://t.co/RSPl8YW5iy
May 30: RT @JoeHenryMusic: https://t.co/wzoIZ4z7Fx
May 27: "Light and Shadow." Wednesday's post is up at https://t.co/7qdt7uqpBm https://t.co/yMq4OYZvfm
May 23: One week from today, I’ll do a “Live From the Library” COUNTRY CLASSICS show. I haven’t totally settled on the set… https://t.co/zlE7r5V22C
May 20: "Quietness." Wednesday's post is up at https://t.co/WhCaVcCTHH https://t.co/vgDYd6zY6N
May 19: @courtneymelba I just bought it on vinyl because I can’t stop listening to it.
May 19: Everyone has gotten so good at Twitter since the pandemic began. I feel left behind - I haven’t been honing my tweet skills, obviously.