Jan 21: Well I wouldn’t quite call it new music, but yes it’s a teaser I suppose. https://t.co/AKSoSWnUBd
Jan 21: Congrats to Donald Trump, @JoeSeiders and all the other ‘Patriots fans’ on the big win last night
Jan 21: #SuperBloodWolfMoon beats the reigning champion ‘Super Hammer Candle’ as most 90s band name ever.
Jan 20: RT @MarkHarrisNYC: Those poor boys! They must have been so terrified I don't know how they mustered the courage to... [rechecks the video t…
Jan 20: @aliciawitty @JoeSeiders I would never do that to my friend Joe.
Jan 20: Just spitballing here but.... maybe cry yourself to sleep? https://t.co/CsYSsCTZFn
Jan 20: IMHO, there is not a big difference between being obsessed with football and collecting American Girl dolls. Not k… https://t.co/mGMhWYUzKB
Jan 20: Congratulations to all the parents of the Patriots! Must be amazing to watch your child win such a big game.
Jan 20: Are the Patriots the team you root for if your city doesn’t have an NFL team?
Jan 20: Go KFC*! *Kansas Fucking City
Jan 20: RT @emrazz: These maga hat kids literally have a team of lawyers and a PR Firm. They’ve got money, the Church, and the republican establish…
Jan 20: Oh wait, is this a reference to ‘Tom Sawyer’ by Rush? Yeah, he’s a modern day warrior. https://t.co/ItuuMpj2re
Jan 20: One more tweet like this and you are out of the band. I write this not even knowing what the hell you’re talking ab… https://t.co/jXMAOhwYBl
Jan 20: I know that they were just teenagers, kids really, but the Hitler Youth can still fuck off.
Jan 20: People defending the MAGA teens are also very sure that Trump is a God-fearing Christian.
Jan 20: Just an opinion here: It is not fucking possible that a Native American elder protesting for aboriginal rights was… https://t.co/ASwMRsGZp5
Jan 20: Imagine the millions that are angry at the idea that Jesus, a man from the Middle East, looks like a man from the M… https://t.co/IERhrW6IAi
Jan 20: He’s always saying “Philip with 1 L!” Might have tweeted this already. https://t.co/5M0BOSFBKW
Jan 20: Hey, White Philip is in this! Top effing goat, Philip. https://t.co/3mku0d0TkH
Jan 20: Yes, I got it. Philip with 1 L. Apparently Phillip with 2 Ls is Satan in goat form. How about I call you White Phil… https://t.co/nPE6YRQuOe